Electric outboard motor 3 kW / wheel steering - Torqeedo
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  • Electric outboard motor 3 kW / wheel steering - Torqeedo

Electric outboard motor 3 kW Torqeedo

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You have a sailboat or an outboard motorboat under 3 tons. You never run at full throttle on your 20 HP internal combustion engine or you may have an 8 HP internal combustion engine that suits your sailing program. You are tired of engine maintenance problems, fuel leaks, exhaust odors or noise and vibration.

Chances are that switching to an electric motor from the Torqeedo Cruise range will bring you more comfort and less hassle. Our retrofit service includes sea trials, analysis of your requirements and a technical proposal.

Who are electric motors for?

The electric motor is ideal for boats under 3 tons, depending on whether you choose 3 or 6 kW. Whether you have a motorboat or a sailboat, the Torqeedo electric outboard motor is a tried and tested product, even in the marine environment. Depending on whether you have a steering wheel or not, the motor range can be adapted to your configuration.

Why choose an electric motor?

Can't stand the noise of your internal combustion engine? Opt for the silence of the electric motor. For the same power, the electric motor is much lighter than its internal combustion counterpart, which will allow you to assemble, disassemble, and maintain it more easily. In addition, the cost of use can be lower than if you use a fossil fuel engine.

Product description

Its robustness is very good, even against marine corrosion. With a power of 3000 watts in 24V or 6000 watts in 48V, the propulsion capacity of this electric motor is equivalent to that of an internal combustion engine of 8 to 9,9 HP in nominal use. Its performance is optimized to offer you the best possible navigation conditions. An on-board computer is integrated with a GPS. If you use a wheel steering you can equip it with a hydraulic circuit ideally or simply by cable.


Shipping and handling costs are not included in the price. For more information about this please contact us.

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