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A solar boat specialist with over 10,000 km covered since 2016, SeaZen offers its boats for sale, private tours, license-free rentals and accompanies owners in the electric refit of their own boat.

Where to book on the Côte d'Azur?

Boat rental from Nice Beaulieu MonacoNice Beaulieu Monaco Boat rental from Antibes Juan-les-PinsCannes Juan Antibes

Book online then meet us with family, friends or as a romantic couple directly aboard our silent and elegant boats. With over 10,000 visitors and zero CO2 emission to date, seaZen is the travelers' first choice on TripAdvisor.

Your favourite activities on solar electric boat

Private Tour - Beaulieu

Book a SeaZen solar boat tour with a private guide in Beaulieu between Nice and Monaco

Private boat tour from Beaulieu, ideally located if you come from Nice or Monaco: Discover the coastline with a guide alone for your private group. Admire the scenery, the sunset or enjoy a swim in the sea.

Private Tour - Juan les Pins

Book a SeaZen solar boat tour with a private guide in Antibes Juan-Les-Pins

Private boat tour in Antibes Juan-les-Pins: Discover the coastline in a private tour à la carte, guided with a professional. In group, alone from 1 to 6 persons, the access is ideal if you stay from Cannes to Nice.

Boat Club - Beaulieu

Book a SeaZen solar electric boat

Self drive boat rental: You wish for more freedom? Enjoy alone a comfortable solar-powered catamaran on the French Riviera with with a large sunbathing deck and a real table in a central position.

The boat was fantastic and the tour guide and boat driver was extremely informative and friendly. An hour very well spent cruising the coast of Juan les Pins and Cap d’Antibes! Also, very good value for a private tour
Pearl, Sept. 2022, Antibes
A wonderful experience... silence on the sea. Skipper Guillaume was so kind and charming. He helped my disabled husband get on and off the boat with great care.
Anna G, February 2024, Beaulieu-sur-Mer
Absolutely fantastic. The solar powered boat was wonderful and so peaceful and our guide was wonderful and informative - an excellent experience
Nikki, Feb 2023, Nice
Superb experience! We booked a one-hour walk in Juan les Pins and the walk was relaxing and the views were magnificent. I recommend 100%
Sterenn C, December 2023, Antibes
This was a highlight of our trip. Loved the silence as we glided along...very informative about the villas and sights we could see. Definitely recommend the private trip...The water is so clear...And how wonderful to do something without damaging the environment.
Ann, Oct. 2022, Nice

Solar & electric navigation's news

09 avril 2024

The kit is a design method inspired by the shipbuilding industry, which considerably reduces costs while offering quality finishes. Explanation...

09 mars 2024

To accompany its growth in solar sailing, SeaZen is recruiting a skipper based in Beaulieu-sur-Mer or Juan-les-Pins. Give a new meaning to your career as a sailor and you could even open your own franchise!

16 septembre 2023

The Posidonia meadow is the fragile star of the Mediterranean

15 août 2023

3 committed captains talk about their experience as solar navigation guides. SeaZen confirms one of the highest employment rates per boat on the Côte d'Azur.

27 mars 2023

According to ChatGPT, the future of carbon-free boating lies in technological innovation and depends a little on humanity too.

08 mars 2023

Thank you to the 80% of women customers and our 50% female entrepreneur franchisee. They all contribute to the success of solar boating.

07 mars 2023

The boats will be electric, sail or foil powered. Synthetic fuels and hydrogen will be the last wheel in the carriage. 400+ pages of reports summarised in this article.

19 janvier 2023

Looking for an idea for Valentine's Day? A romantic solar boat trip is an elegant, original and environmentally friendly idea.

04 juillet 2022

The prestigious history of the most beautiful villas on the French Riviera: Château la Croë, Villas Ephrussi Rothschild and Kerylos.

20 juin 2022

Discovering James Bond's villas, reality exceeds fiction. Stories of stars, billionaires, yachts and state visits cross paths on the French Riviera.

25 février 2022

A fascinating history of diplomacy and naval battles is at the origin of the arrival of the Russians on the Côte d'Azur.

25 novembre 2021

Winner of the Innovation Award, SeaZen exhibits at the Paris Boat Show: 360° Virtual Tour in a solar boat, Electric Retrofit of your boat and Franchise pro to give a new meaning to your career.

14 octobre 2021

Strolling on board the boat Octopus (seaZen Juan les Pins), one moves in a remarkable protected marine zone, between the Bay of Golfe Juan, Cap d'Antibes and the Lérins Islands. The coastal landscapes are magnificent, in a monochrome of blue and green, between sky, land and sea.

22 septembre 2021

How is the port of Nice preparing for the energy transition ? Nice Cap-d'Ail shuttle, carbon tax, marine protected area.... Decoding.

21 juillet 2021

The Hotel Belles Rives, the Port des Olivettes and its Villa are among the most beautiful sites to discover on the coast from Juan-les-Pins to Cap d'Antibes.

11 juillet 2021

Do you know Solar ImpulseEnergy Observer and Energy Boat Challenge? This is how Monaco skilfully develops sustainable yachting.

27 mai 2021

The giant catamaran Energie Observer sails with hydrogen, sun or wind. Here are the 2021 news!

01 février 2021

With CO2 emissions into the air and water from ships, the cruise sector is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Here are a few actions taken to preserve the planet and its resources.

24 novembre 2020

With the launch of the hydrogen-powered boat by Hynova Yacht, the advent of the electric boat becomes a matter of course.

10 octobre 2020

When you love the sea air, all reasons and opportunities are good to organise a boat trip 

06 août 2020

Why is the solar boat excursion recommended in case of a heat wave?

03 juillet 2020

The last of the SunSeaRider joins seaZen Antibes by breaking a solar navigation record

29 juin 2020

SeaZen is one of the actors of the ecological transition in the boats field.

16 juin 2020

A Bachelorette party aboard a solar boat is a must because it is silent, odourless and suitable for groups of 4-8.

07 juin 2020

How do you approach super-yachts to observe them up close?

25 avril 2020

Set sail to discover famous villas and then enjoy the David Niven anchorage for a sea bath in the heart of the Riviera. Discover solar navigation and share - anonymously - the result of our quiz.

04 mars 2020

We often hear that ships pollute more than all the cars in Europe. Let's check the facts in order to understand whether this statement is true.

21 février 2020

What are you going to be able to do at sea?

16 janvier 2020

Each year you bring us more and more happiness, we have to thank you.

13 janvier 2020

Norway is one of the best preserved regions in the world... and seeks to preserve itself

15 décembre 2019

The Nautic is a leading indicator of future changes... and a Tsunami is coming!

09 juillet 2019

The National SNSM (Society of Rescue at Sea) has rescued nearly 10,000 people working solely with volunteers and donations.

07 mai 2019

An emblematic fairy tale from Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, David Niven's villa has known kings, princes and famous actors.

09 avril 2019

Who has not heard of the Calanques? The Marseillais will even say that it is the most beautiful site in the world!

15 janvier 2019

Investigation on the Sea Bubble, a taxi boat on foil, passing through Villefranche sur Mer

10 décembre 2018

How to get to Nice by having an environmentally friendly approach? A question that necessarily arises any user of a solar boat tour

14 septembre 2018

A boat designed for conviviality, bronzing and sea bathing

06 septembre 2018

Cruises have been on the rise in recent years. Mini-cruise or long trips on board ship....

18 août 2018

Absolute happiness at sea, on a boat accompanied and by a private guide!

21 juillet 2018

Choose a responsible sunscreen, but not just one that...

13 juillet 2018

Here are the improvements launched this summer in Nice Cote d'Azur Métropole.

23 juin 2018

Used to flying over the posidonia meadows during our solar boat trips, we wanted to know more about some of the sporting events taking place locally.

13 juin 2018

Here are 3 destinations to choose for eco-friendly trips. Of course, do not forget to compensate the CO2

29 mai 2018

Presentation of the Marina High Tech 2018 award in the presence of Marc Pajoot. SeaZen ranked second ...

24 mai 2018

Discover the story of this record on a solar-powered catamaran, which everyone can rent without a license

28 avril 2018

La Mala is the most beautiful and inaccessible beach... reserved for the initiated

22 avril 2018

For some, the best time to discover the French Riviera is in spring.

08 avril 2018

The Bay of the Ants is one of the jewels of Beaulieu-sur-Mer

31 mars 2018

Will the aerodynamic catamaran sail at Beaulieu sur Mer or Monaco?

07 mars 2018

With its market and caterers, downtown Beaulieu offers a good choice to prepare a solar boat trip.

23 février 2018

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, we are regularly asked about Paul Landowski's work

06 février 2018

In winter, there are other forms of gliding than skiing

29 décembre 2017

This summit proposes an economic approach to the energy transition

25 décembre 2017

Visitors to Micronesia must be committed to respecting the environment 

18 décembre 2017

Comparative report of the 2018 results in maxi trimaran and solar boat

15 décembre 2017

This 300 kW ferry sails in Norwegian fjords while the seaZen solar boat only needs 2 kW

12 décembre 2017

The development of electric cars is useful for the nautical industry

08 décembre 2017

At the end of October, the navigator announces that his electric "Sea Bubbles" are moving to Switzerland

23 novembre 2017

Seawater is excellent for the body. We want to share the benefits with you.

06 novembre 2017

The Cop 23 promises to be a political solution...a solution that is already accessible far from geopolitical and environmental issues

31 octobre 2017

Contemplation and the solar boat is well-being through common sense

16 septembre 2017

Paloma Beach is undoubtedly the most famous anchorage in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

07 août 2017

Rent a fully electric boat quickly and easily

13 juillet 2017

The Scandinavians have understood everything...

06 juillet 2017

For the new season, the solar boat is changing its name....

21 juin 2017

The boat without a licence is accessible from the age of 16.

08 juin 2017

Knowing the right behavior and the safety rules on board is essential

16 avril 2017

More than 10 chocolate eggs on board the seaZen

06 avril 2017

Have a successful picnic on a boat without a permit!

07 février 2017

20 schoolboys from Lycée Pasteur in Nice, discover with interest the trades related to the sea and learn to solar navigation

02 février 2017

When embarking aboard seaZen, think of the sunscreen, even in February.

26 janvier 2017

Understand how did Villefranche harbour become famous?

10 janvier 2017

Publi-information - Idée de séjour : Une journée à Nice

08 janvier 2017

The Prince of Wales, Gustave Eiffel, Nietzsche are the first visitors....

27 octobre 2016

Sea and diving trips out of season

02 octobre 2016

The self-service Boat-Club is a new form of navigation...

27 septembre 2016

How to become skipper in one hour, on a boat with a capacity up to 8 persons...

08 septembre 2016

Test your boating experience for free! Boats without licence, accessible after a short training...

01 août 2016

Partenaires web

01 août 2016

The solar boat does better than cars and aeronautics!

26 juillet 2016

Historical moment Solar Impulse loops its round the world, an achievement realized thanks to a solar plane prototype.

25 juillet 2016

Sea trip at Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Beaulieu sur Mer, near Nice and Monaco

13 juillet 2016

Solar navigation in the evening provides a unique sensation of silent gliding lulled by the lapping of the waves. Here is a practical guide.