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Why retrofitting your boat to electric?

You have already experienced the pleasure of driving an electric car. You are fed up with fuel leaks in the boat's holds, with the repeated breakdowns of combustion engines. You want the best: the pleasure of silent and odorless navigation with the protection of the environment. You may have heard that electric is expensive, that you will never have autonomy because of the batteries, or that the manufacturing of the batteries pollutes more than anything else.

For all these reasons and many more, get advice to replace the internal combustion engine of your boat by an electric engine.

What is the autonomy of an electric boat?

This is the most frequently asked question. Before answering this question it is fundamental to realise that you will probably not sail as you used to. You will discover a new pleasure of sailing... so much more Zen. Switching to electricity is also a change of use to be taken into account before any comparison.

In the majority of uses, electric power lends itself quite well to an outing for a few hours anchorage. There is no problem of autonomy. If you are sailing or solar-powered, the energy generated allows even experienced sailors to sail coastal or ocean crossings in total autonomy.

In the end, the duration of your boat's autonomy will depend on the type of engine you choose and the use you make of it. We are here to advise you in order to adapt the solution to your navigation needs and desires, in complete safety.

How are you going to accompany me in my project?

You want to sail in real conditions with your family and friends before retrofitting your boat? It's quite normal, especially since switching to electric power means opting for a new style of sailing. We propose you a sea trial with your family or friends to feel what more than 4000 visitors have already experienced. During this navigation we will help you to refine your needs according to the solutions that work best. Then, if you wish to go further, we will give you a technical study of electric motorization with a selection of experienced craftsmen.

Our strength? Since 2016, we cruised several thousand km in Beaulieu and Juan les Pin. We maintain an electric fleet subjected to the most demanding solicitations for rental and in marine environment.

Refunded trial and free technical study

If you opt for our sea trial proposal with personalized advice, you only pay the price of the 1-hour private group tour. You are free to use the results of the technical study which will be given to you free of charge afterwards. In any case you will keep a pleasant memory of solar powered navigation. Moreover, we reimburse the sea trial on your retrofit project. 

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our passion for electric navigation and we sincerely want to contribute to the transformation of boating towards a zero CO2 navigation.

Which electrical installation should I choose for my boat?

There is a wide range of solutions depending on the size of your boat and your installation: outboard motor, inboard motor with shaft, sail drive. Here is an indication of the most common solutions.

Your ship
Tonnage 3 T 5 T 10 T
Thermal engine*   6 CV   9,9 CV   25 CV 
Retrofit Solution
Electric motor*   2 kW   4 kW   10 kW 
Electric circuit 24 V 48 V 48 V

* Thermal / electrical power difficult to compare because of different uses and measurement standards

More than 30 references of motors and batteries are available to order, we also have second-hand models. We are at your disposal to advise you and help you choose the configuration that best suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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