A new way to rent a boat

We live in an increasingly connected world where everything is bound to become more simple, fast, intuitive and efficient. It is with this in mind that at seaZen, we thought it was time for boat rental to become as simple as buying a French baguette!

Yacht Charters near the port of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat


Book your trip from home

With seaZen, you do not have to go to the front desk to book a boat trip, it all goes online. Just visit our website and click on the button "I reserve my tour". From here, all you have to do is fill in the form by choosing the time slot you want.

Another benefit of seaZen is that our boats are fully electric and operate on solar power. This allows you to enjoy a boat tour while respecting the environment. The Earth is our home, we must take care of it. Having fun and being eco-responsible is compatible, proof!

On the other hand, an electric boat makes little or no noise. You can enjoy the waves, the lapping, the wind or the singing of the gulls. It's still much nicer and relaxing than the sound of a big thermic engine, right?

Well, we all know that you all have the soul of a captain deep inside you. A sea trip is good. But when you drive the boat yourself, it's even better! SeaZen has thought about everything, that's why the boats we offer have the advantage of being without a license. Of course, in case of a first outing, you will be briefed and assisted but will be able to steer the vessel very quickly.

For the aficionados, there is the formula Click & Go!

At seaZen, we we care about our first customers but also our regular customers. It is important to ensure that people who trust us are always satisfied with our services.

For this we developed our Click & Go service. As for a first visit, the reservation is to be made directly on line. You will receive a summary e-mail with your boarding pass and a link to the online inventory. Once this step is completed, you can leave, without waiting any further.

That's it, you're on the water, you're sailing. It's time to open your eyes and take full advantage of the beauty of the French Riviera. We advise you to take a tour on our blog to see the most famous places from the sea. We think of the cliffs, the creeks, or the villas of stars (for example Bono from U2 living in his house in Èze ...)

Finally, after having enjoyed you solar sailing, it is time to return. You only have two things to do. The first is to confirm the inventory online to ensure that nothing is missing (emergency kit, life jackets). Finally, a small shot of water on the boat does not hurt, it is fast and it keeps the boat clean.