Bravo Solar Impulse

Historical achievement for Solar Impulse

The first round of the world by solar plane has just been completed, after a year of extraordinary human and technological adventures! Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, supported by a formidable team on the ground, have just shown the way towards the possibilities of transport with electric propulsion. The whole Seazen team, passionate about non-polluting and renewable energies, is enthusiastic about the future development of solar and say a huge THANKS to the heroes of Solar Impulse!

Solar Impulse helps solar boating development

The solar adventure is also a reality at sea!

The unique adventure of Solar Impulse demonstrates that a solar powered propulsion is mature enough to carry a man on a plane and make a round the world! When one considers the difficulty of making a human being fly in the sky around the world, it is not unreasonable to think that solar navigation at sea should ultimately be much more accessible. As for Solar Impulse the ship must be designed from the outset for a solar propulsion. It is not a question of designing a motor boat ersatz to which the engine is substituted by an electric motor and on which photovoltaic panels are added. Surely no, a solar boat must have a contoured hull to minimize the drag depending on a given cruising speed. And the photovoltaic roof must also have the lightness of an aircraft wing to ensure the stability of the ship! The result is there, just between Nice and Monaco and only a few days away with the arrival of Solar Impulse. This is seaZen which offers individuals an elegant boat without solar license for 8 people, the catamaran SunSeaRider. Proving also and on sea this time, that the rental of solar boats is not the future, it is a reality that is accessible to us today!

Monaco and the Cote d'Azur, lands of solar innovations

Non-polluting transports that operate on solar energy are developing rapidly throughout the world and more particularly under our sunny Riviera. Technical performance is proven. The comfort and the standards of elegance are revealed to the public thanks to the paradigm shift brought by the solar. SeaZen innovation brings wide bridge, panoramic table and seats, icebox, sunbathing areas and hardtop... without forgetting wifi to Board! Unique concept of electro-solar catamaran the seaZen, boat of the  SunSeaRider series, combines elegance, comfort and safety at sea. Located in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, seaZen benefits from the dynamism of the city and its marina, turned towards the sustainable development. A short distance from here, in Monaco, the Principality fervently supports the Solar Impulse project, whose pilots have just completed a historical tour of the world! Solar has proved that it is a powerful propulsion energy. You can measure it thanks to the exploit of Solar Impulse and also by meeting us in the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Come and meet us!