The seaZen revolution and its electric boats

Pollution at sea has pushed companies to renew themselves in order to respond to this global issue. seaZen is a pioneer in the field of electric boats. Respectful of the environment and without pollution, take advantage of many services and exceptional rides through the French Riviera, discover here the advantages of using the agency for your sea trips.

Solar yachting, the future in the Mediterranean

Sailing on a self drive boat and 100% ecological is the promise of our brand: seaZen. Come and discover all the advantages of a comfortable sea trip on the largest solar-powered catamarans in France. We believe that solar yachting is the future in the Mediterranean because it combines many advantages.

L'équipage contemple le paysage à bord d'un bateau de plaisance en mediterrannéeThe crew contemplates the landscape on board a pleasure boat in the Mediterranean

Ecology is becoming a major issue

There are many ecological advantages. Firstly, the legislation concerning navigation in the Mediterranean is being tightened, by banning fuels with too high a sulphur content and less refined. As mentioned in a previous article on this page, these fuels are harmful both to the human body by irritating the mucous membranes and to the environment, especially by causing acid rain.

Secondly, we live in a world where oil reserves are dwindling while the use of oil is increasing. It is therefore necessary to find alternative energy systems in order to live.

Calm and comfort

The electric yacht is renowned for the silence of its engine offering a very comfortable navigation.

Going out at sea without a permit is possible!

seaZen vessels do not require a boating license. All you need to do is a short one-hour training course and a short online exam to learn the basics of sea navigation and its blue will then welcome you under the beautiful sun of the French Riviera.

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You want to start solar boating, seaZen is there for you

seaZen offers you to rent one of the largest solar-powered pleasure boats on the French Riviera, an elegant and silent catamaran. Let's see together how the solar-powered yacht charter seaZen brings you many advantages.

Our services adapted to each client

First of all, you should know that the solar catamaran seaZen can be steered without a licence, anyone who loves the sea can drive this elegant boat. All you have to do is learn the basics of navigation in just one hour, when you first charter. After that, you can join our Boat Club and are autonomous like a boat owner, but without the constraints!

If you prefer to be accompanied, seaZen offers you a private guide for a sea tour. Opt for the boat rental with guide to discover the beauty of our Côte d'Azur landscape.


Renting a large comfortable boat can be an impossible task; you need to know someone who has a boating licence, you have formalities to complete, and the price is not very affordable. SeaZen allows to sail at sea without a boating licence value for money.

A product for the protection of the environment

This is one of the most important points of our offer, our ecological ambition. Indeed, the solar catamaran bans all fossil fuels, the boat only consumes renewable energy. Its solar roof allows us to get rid of the oil used by most pleasure boats. By renting this type of boat, you participate in the preservation of our Mediterranean waters while offering you a pleasant moment at sea, as the boat is silent and odourless. Moreover, it is important to know that in Nice the water quality is fragile. To prevent the water quality from deteriorating further, solar boats are the ideal option.

In addition, the boats are very quiet. This allows you to cruise quietly at sea listening to the lapping of the waves which are an excellent source of relaxation.

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seaZen, it is adaptable formulas and made for you...

seaZen offers you three flexible and accessible formulas, they are designed to give you more autonomy. Here are our formulas:

  • Sea trip with a guide of 1 or 2 hours.
  • Solar self drive boat rental license free. You will be for 1 hour with a guide and 2 hours in autonomy.
  • Self-service boat access to Boat Club rate for 2 or 3 hours.

The best way to realize these benefits, and all the others, is to come for a ride at sea with seaZen!

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... and a boat club made to measure

Boat Clubs allow their members to have access to a fleet of boats in an almost unlimited way. They are generally private clubs that avoid the hassle of owning a boat and thus facilitate access to boating for a wider public. Discover the boat club seaZen which offers on the French Riviera the largest solar-powered catamarans for rent.

Le Boat Club de Beaulieu-sur-MerThe meeting place, Môle des Pêcheurs at Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Navigating has never been easier than with seaZen

Owning a boat or renting one that can accommodate eight people requires you to have a licence or to master sailing, which takes a lot of time and, above all, money.

Then, buyingmaintaining a boat and renting a berth in a port is again a significant investment of time and money.

seaZen offers an efficient alternative with its solar license free catamaran and simplifies the rental experience.

Indeed, thanks to a large solar-powered ship at Beaulieu-sur-Mer, you can take up to eight people out to sea.

How does it work?

To join seaZen boat club, simply register online and follow a short training course with a guide.

Thereafter, solar-powered pleasure craft are available year-round to club members. It is ideal for sea outings with friends to enjoy the sun, the French Riviera and especially the Mediterranean.

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We even think about your car

The combined offering seaZen - Blooweels 

Back in 2016, you could have book two days a Tesla Model S P85 from Nice and get a 1 hour boat tour aboard an elegant solar boat in the bay of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

Photo of a Tesla car

On this occasion, you could have inaugurate the charging locations for electric car from the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, near the boat.

How did it work?

You had to book directly with the Blooweels Agency of Nice, that will put you in direct relation with seaZen for choosing the time slot that suits you.

> Blooweels

Energy transition is today, between Nice and Monaco! 

You like the comfort of electric vehicles and elegance of Tesla? 

Enjoy the solar electric navigation on an elegant boat, designed for the French Riviera, the SunSeaRider. You will experience a new exclusive experience, odorless and noiseless, with panoramic views and friendly. 

Most: while sailing, you can charge your car at a kiosk in open access by the port authorithy.

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How does it work to rent an electric boat ?

The French Riviera is full of activities to do by the sea. Renting a boat is one of them. The only drawback is that you need a permit! The solar catamarans seaZen offers the possibility to rent the largest boat without a licence in France for a sea trip for up to 6 people!

Accessible to all

Beginner or already licensed, come and try our boats during a one-hour tour. It is a good way to discover solar pleasure boating without commitment. There are three formulas. The first one consists of a sea tour of one or two hours in a private group alone with a guide. The second is the boat rental (2 times one hour with guide for the training and two hours in autonomy). And the last one is intended for experienced users (who have already had the training with a guide) and consists of a self-drive rental for two to three hours of pleasure boating at sea.

seaZen Academy

In order to help you to take better care of our solar catamarans, we have set up the seaZen academy. This is a program that allows you to become a Boat Club member in order to subscribe to the third self-serve formula. From the first level you are a member and you can progress on the four possible levels. After practicing for at least 2 times one hour and taking our online test you are considered level one for one month. The free online test allows you to evaluate yourself on the safety instructions to be respected when navigating. These are presented to you during the practice hour to get you started.

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Take advantage of a seaZen initiation

Driving a boat is not easy for everyone. Some of you have probably never been in control of a ship, and yet they are dying of envy. Especially with the company seaZen, access to the rental of a boat is facilitated since it does not require a license. Your only prerequisite is to be sixteen years old. How to benefit from a 1 hour training session? This is explained below.

What does a session look like?

On the seaZen website, we offer you to buy an online coupon, valid for three months. The sympathetic aspect is that you are not forced to take this course alone. On the Sunsearider, the seaZen team invites you to board up to five teammates. In this way, the cost per person amounts to nearly 20 euros and everyone can enjoy learning. You can book your intake session directly online.

Learning & Pleasure

It is a one hour sea trip from the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, embellished with notions and key demonstrations. You will learn the wharf maneuvers by evolving at 1 knot, you will familiarize yourself with the navigation at 3 knots in the harbor (ie 5 km / h) and will not exceed 5 knots, that is to say 9 km / h , The seaZen skipper will teach you the art of locating (bathers around, buoys, fishing nets and other vessels) as well as the basics of anchoring.

During this educational excursion offshore, you will still have the leisure to discover beautiful landscapes of the Azure, as well as the villa Kerylos de Beaulieu or the villa David Niven of Saint-Jen-Cap-Ferrat.

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Learn more about the SunSeaRider 19

Forgetting the odors of fuel, the obligation to possess a boat license or the din produced by imposing engines. seaZen, a boat rental company based near Nice, is riding on an innovative and promising wave for the future of solar boating. The idea: to propose online booking of the first electro-solar boat, including a license free access.

© seaZen 2017

A catamaran architecture

The SunSeaRider is a catamaran. That is, it floats on two parallel hulls. The purpose of this configuration is to reduce the resistance to water thanks to the finer hulls than that of a monohull. This pleasure craft gains in stability and deck surface, thus in comfort for the passengers. The SunSeaRider is a motorized vessel without sail and unusual since it has two engines running on electric power, generating no pollution. It was developed by the naval and aeronautical architect Éric Magré, from Polycreatis, and asked for no less than five years of work.

100 % eco-responsible

The principle is simple, its vast platform of solar panels is in the form of a small roof sheltering the passenger space. It absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy by means of photovoltaic cells. Batteries store this ecofuel carefully and allow the propeller to be powered by modest outboard engines (from 2 to 4 kWh), the most silent in the world. It is even possible to connect the motors directly to the panels, so as not to draw into the batteries. The goal is to return to port with a charge at least equivalent to 85%!

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With summer coming, the seaZen boat club is here for you

The sunny days on the Côte d'Azur are not lacking. To soak-up sea trips all year round, seaZen proposes the rental of its solar boat without a license. The easiest way to enjoy it, is by joining the Boat Club.

The charms of indian summer

From July 15th to September 15th, the summer season is very busy, with extremely high temperatures and swarms of ships along the coast. While some people are gleefully sunbathing on the sand, others take advantage of the landscape off Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

And that does not necessarily stop with the arrival of autumn, on the contrary. Tired by the sun, the vegetation changes color and is about to deliver to those who want its last splinters. A new and sweet freshness blows on the city dwellers and other sailors, laden with desire for renewal. The ideal setting for a sea trip aboard a SSR19. And as soon as the Indian summer arrives, usually in late October, it's paradise ...

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The Boat Club benefits

By joining the seaZen Boat Club, sail all year round, with a few clicks and significant savings. The Suncy 19 is rented on-line and self-service, which further facilitates the experience. To take advantage of this, you just need to take a first rendezvous with seaZen team. You will need to practice a together with a solar skipper. After one hour you may be able to self-drive the vessel.

Then, enjoy boat trips all year round - including off-season (November 1 - May 14) - and without time limit. You can even sail on the big blue in the evening, on the occasion of an "after-work" with your collaborators or for a cool aperitif with friends!

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