How about a boat trip?

When you love the sea air, all reasons and opportunities are good to organise a boat trip with your family, friends or colleagues! Do you want some ideas to recharge your batteries, get some fresh air, or simply enjoy your free time in the company of your loved ones? We have drawn up a short list of ideal situations in which it is perfectly possible to integrate a sea trip, with or without the assistance of a skipper.

A romantic sunset

Who could resist such a spectacle offered by nature? The sun that sets on the water offers a multitude of nuances on the surface and on the horizon, it's unbelievably beautiful! A moment of the day that provides an atmosphere of absolute romance, totally ideal if you want to make your half crack. During a cruise on a sailing boat or a solar powered boat so as not to be disturbed by the noise of a motor, this escapade on the waves will be conducive to getting closer, far from everything, alone in the world...

Sunset on a sailing catamaran

Leaving at the end of the day, you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine to wander around the creeks and maybe even swim in some superb wild creeks before watching the sunset. The ideal way to crown this moment is to choose a dreamy, little-used corner from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the setting sun!

To bury a bachelor's life

Blindfold him/her and take your soon-to-be-married bachelor on board the boat you have selected for an exceptional and unforgettable sea trip with friends! The more the merrier, the more the merrier.

Historically, you could opt for a motor yacht type boat in order to benefit from enough space and comfort to have fun off the coast. Yacht does not necessarily mean "luxury" and "expensive": it means that your boat is at least 20m long, in other words, you will have all the space you need to have fun at sea! What's more, you can also take advantage of it to do some water activities. Indeed, very often these boats are equipped with water scooters or even a slide, and other water games such as the seabob which is an electric sledge. This allows you to have even more fun and to multiply the memories you will have of this day!

But the sense of history is more in the direction of the eco-friendly boat. If you can afford it, opt for a large solar-powered catamaran with electric scooters. If you're looking for a good eco-friendly plan, prefer to rent a small solar-powered catamaran without a sleeping cabin. seaZen offers such boats at Beaulieu or Juan lest Pins and rent an electric jet ski.

For a family holiday

A cruise aboard a sailboat or an electric boat, nothing better to recharge your batteries with your little troupe and strengthen the bonds that unite you! With or without a skipper, depending on your level and your skills, you will sail with the winds and waves off the coast of your choice. To enjoy the great outdoors, opt for a sea tour from on hour to a week, or even longer if you have the opportunity!

Tour on a sailing catamaran Tour en catamaran électrique

In particular, think about equipping yourself for some water sports to keep the younger ones busy, such as a family snorkelling trip (flippers, masks and snorkels). You will be able to observe the beauty of the sea bed in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. This allows you to collect souvenirs together and promises some great laughs.

Just for a walk at sea or on a body of water

Don't you have a special opportunity to discover the joys of boating? You may simply feel like sailing or taking a boat trip! Whether you are near a seaside or a lake, you are sure to find a skipper ready to take you on board to spend a pleasant moment with the person(s) of your choice.

Although there are still many RIB solutions that combine style, speed and comfort, we invite you to change your habits. Sail aboard a sailing catamaran for the more sporty and thrill-seeking, or opt for a solar-powered electric catamaran for peace and simplicity. There is something for everyone. As soon as you leave your boat, you will feel the gentle breeze brushing against your skin and you will instantly feel in your element!