SeaZen, SSR19 and Fun !

New season, new name! The solar boat rental and license free is now called the SSR 19. Otherwise, nothing changes with seaZen's offer: you book your time slot online, you come to Beaulieu's Marina board Suncy 19, and you en-joy.

Beaulieu-sur-Mer's Marina

Skipper from 16 years old

Although it is a true high-end boat, ideal for a sea trip during holidays on the French Riviera, or for an evening break after a hot day, the Suncy 19 can be piloted as early as 16 years. If necessary, it will be dispensed one hour of handling because there are of course certain rules to respect when sailing. To adopt the seaZen attitude, bet on the pedagogy of our instructor. This could nurture new sailing vocations.

The solar boat, benefactor of the sea

Combining leisure and sustainability is the best way to enjoy without a second thought! Thanks to the electric motor of Suncy 19, you sail in confidence without emitting an ounce of CO2, and silently. As the first model available in Alpes-Maritimes, this boat would win to emulate, and the Mediterranean Sea too! We dream of Azurean ports capped with solar panels as far as the eye can see ...


Without being part of the Vélo-Auto-Bleu network (bike and cars seat rental), seaZen designs its activity in the same way. That is to say that we offer to all a means of locomotion (of leisure here) with the most modern technological means: reservation Click & Go. A subscription to the Boat Club, without subscription or commitment, gives you a preferential rate in all seasons.

How can you resist the call of the Great Blue when all the conditions are available to you?