Solar navigation record from Beaulieu to Marina Baie des Anges

Record of distance traveled by solar powered boat

SeaZen has established a reference record for solar-powered coastal crossing. It was a question of going from Beaulieu-sur-Mer to Marina-Baie-des-Anges with the only energy of the sun on a license free boat. This boat, a SSR19 has been operated by seaZen since 2016 without using the power grid to recharge it.

To our knowledge there have been no similar attempts in the world communicated on other solar catamarans accessible to the public license free.

Reference figures

The reference time is less than 3 hours, for a distance of almost 12 miles, with a start at sunrise and arrival at 10 hours at 95% battery charge. On this map we see the track left by the seaZen team from the departure of Beaulieu to Marina Baie des Anges.

Yellow trace of the cruise from Beaulieu to Marina Baie des Anges

Yellow trace of the cruise from Beaulieu to Marina Baie des Anges

Excerpt from the logbook

We started at 7 am under a glowing sun. At this early hour, the bay of Saint Hospice is still asleep. The solar boat slips gently over the flat waters like a lake.

Glowing sunrise at Beaulieu-sur-Mer
Glowing sunrise at Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Quite soon after departure seaZen is slaloming between sleeping super-yachts. What a contrast with the more advanced hours of the day. All tender sit in the sheds while quarterdeck beaches are deserted by their hosts.

From 7:30, the seaZen is about to circumvent the Cape of Saint-Hospice.

Passing the Cape of Sainte Hospice around 7:30 in front of sleeping superyachts.
Passing the Cape of Sainte Hospice around 7:30 in front of sleeping super-yachts

Then seaZen begins its peaceful coastal cruise along the Baie des Anges, Nice Airport and the estuary of the Var. Gradually the sun rises and seaZen accelerates along with the sun, to benefit from the growing supply of photovoltaic energy.

The Ligurian current is the most efficient teammate. This coastal stream follows the Mediterranean rim from Liguria in Italy to Gibraltar. Later the Var estuary reinforces the current. At the end of the course, the seaZen reaches 6 nodes in total solar autonomy!

SeaZen flirte avec les 6 noeuds danSeaZen flirts with the 6 knots in the Var Estuarys l'estuaire du Var

SeaZen flirts with the 6 knots in the Var Estuary

It is 10 o'clock, we arrive at Marina Bay of Angels with 95% battery charge. This iconic construction by architect André Minangoy has inspired many internationally renowned seaside resorts, such as Dubai. Who knows Dubai's next inspiration could come from solar boating?

For seaZen a demonstration day will begin at the Marina High Tech show. This day ends in beauty with a prize of innovation received by seaZen for his know-how in solar boat rental with the public. We've already talked about it on SeaZen's FaceBook page.

In the evening the boat is 100% reloaded after having valiantly transported many visitors from the show to the marina, all day long. To our knowledge this is the only solar rental licence free vehicle for 8 persons in the world. Very practical, it does not need power cables to recharge after an exit. Solar navigation requires!

Rent your solar catamaran, without license thanks to the boat club

You too can discover the charms of solar navigation. Such a cruise requires a little experience, it is reserved for members of the Boat Club already having the level 4. Meanwhile we suggest you to discover the charms of the Riviera's heartland thanks to your seaZen. This boat is accessible with Click & Go, a self-service rental formula by hour as if you owned your boat. From one hour of training, you are autonomous to go out alone.