Testimonials from 3 captains who have gone solar

SeaZen is the pioneer of 100% solar-powered sailing, with over 7,000 visitors since 2016. As a result, the 2 bases at Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Juan-les-Pins recruited this year for the first time. In total, 3 fantastic profiles have successfully joined the team for the 2023 season. Here are their testimonials:

Nicolas, Captain of the Juan-les-Pins solar boat in June 2023

Hello Nicolas, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Nicolas Mollion, I'm 38 years old and I have a BACPN/CMP. After 25 years of sport and liveaboard yachting, I decided to change my career path and work professionally in the nautical sector.

Nicolas Capitaine de l'OctopusNicolas is Captain CMP BACPN

How did you hear about Seazen?

Your job advert was posted in the offices of my training organization, Navy Services in Villeneuve Loubet, so I consulted your advert and then your website to find out about your activities.

What was your objective for this season?

The BACPN/CMP was a 1st step in my training, but I'm aiming to pass the Captain 200 diploma as quickly as possible for the rest of my career. However, I need to validate 180 days at sea to take this new certificate. So I had to find a job this summer that would allow me to sail as much as possible for as long as possible.

Did you meet any other potential employers?

Yes, the island ferries.

Why did you choose Seazen?

Because the season was longer, so I had more days at sea.

What are the positive aspects of this job today?

In terms of management: the human-scale structure, the communication that enables us to adjust our daily routine, the mutual trust that was immediately established.

In terms of the ship: the boat is comfortable, including at the helm, which is not to be underestimated when you spend 8 hours a day on it! The silent aspect is also appreciated when you're sailing all day, as you don't have the noise of the engine in your ears.

In terms of clientele: the clientele here is of the highest quality. People are here to enjoy themselves, and we welcome couples in love, families on vacation and friends. Our clientele is varied, friendly and cosmopolitan. They want to learn about our culture and discover the region. Cap d'Antibes and Juan les Pins are full of anecdotes and historical facts that have built the reputation of the French Riviera. We've got plenty to tell them, and they appreciate it!

On the other hand, what are the "downsides" of the job?

It's sometimes a bit repetitive if you do one hour-long tour after another. Ideally, the duration (and therefore the itinerary) should vary from one customer to another throughout the day. But we don't choose that! It's the customer who decides.

Lucile Captain of Beaulieu-sur-Mer's Solar Boat in Jully 2023


Jean-Michel, Captain of Beaulieu-sur-Mer's Solar Boat in Août 2023

Jean-Michel is Captain CMP BACPN

Franchising removes barriers to recruitment

As a Franchise, SeaZen aims to remove the barriers to recruitment for entrepreneurs wishing to open solar navigation bases. The first barrier is administrative. SeaZen provides a fast-track method for approving boats as NUC merchant vessels and obtaining a vessel license. This legal framework enables franchised entrepreneurs to operate solar boat tours themselves with just a few weeks' training. Then, as soon as the growth of each nautical base allows, the franchise also provides proven solutions for recruiting sailors, a highly regulated profession for obvious safety reasons.

As a result, the SeaZen business model offers one of the highest employment rates in France, per boat of this length, while significantly reducing administrative and recruitment friction for the franchised entrepreneur.

Thanks again to our 3 captains for their committed testimonials. We wish them every success as they pursue their professional projects.