Virtual Tour on a Solar Powered Boat

Are you ready for a virtual solar boat tour? To live the experience to the fullest, take part in the navigation simulation quiz and compare your results with those of other skippers! We hope you will have a great time and look forward to welcoming you soon for a real solar boat tour as a prelude to a license-free rental!

Discover David Niven's cove - Level 1 Navigation

Only ten minutes sailing time from Beaulieu, the David Niven cove is undoubtedly the most accessible by boat. Maybe it's also a local favorite, as it does not appear on the official nautical charts. Its translucent waters, its posidonia meadows, its location in front of the villa of the late David Niven makes it the dream anchorage par excellence.

Feeling of solar navigation while crossing the Baie des Fourmis


Navigation tips

Leave the port of Beaulieu by the South-West pass and pass successively in front of the Beaulieu Yacht Club, La Réserve, villa Eiffel  then the Villa Kerylos. Stay at least 100 m away from the coast, because in case of swell, the rocky plateau can form waves. Cross the Baie des Fourmis and aim for the Villa David Niven, remarkable with its pink facade.

In front of the David Niven villaThe villa where David Niven lived is now called The Cape Flower.

Once you get close to the villa, approach reasonably while keeping at least 2 metres from the bottom and at least 100 metres from the shore. Be careful to avoid anchors of other boats and anchor according to the wind direction. Of course, avoid the Posidonia meadows by trying to anchor on the sand.

Navigation Strategy

When you are sailing for the first time, this anchorage is a must. For the next sailings, as a Boat-Club member, the choice of this anchorage depends on your sailing strategy.

1) A private "cove" for short sailing

If you..:

  • sail to Beaulieu for the first time;
  • are looking to maximize your mooring time and enjoy a convivial swim in a sumptuous setting;

this program is particularly suitable. This anchorage is the ideal objective of your sea trip.

2) A Wonderfull spot for solar battery recharging

The anchorage is also strategic for recharging the batteries after sustained sailing. Just stop here for a last swim while the batteries are recharging.

Sea bathing

Once the batteries are recharged, and if you return to port at solar-powered speed, you can aim for a return to almost 100% charge.

Quiz and experience sharing

Get out of here. Experiment with navigational situations. We hope you'll enjoy it, as much as we enjoyed concocting some trick questions for you! You will also be able to compare your results with other skippers' answers, all anonymous.

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