Paris Boat Show - 2019 outcome

Nautism is in transformation

The 2019 Boat Show closes its doors on December 15 in Paris. The fundamental decline in attendance and exhibitors is not a sign of decline, it is an indicator of the profound transformation that the sector will undergo. France may be at the forefront and the prospects are dizzying as the transformations will be so profound!

To make the distinction between the underlying trend and the economic aspects related to current social issues in France, it seems appropriate to us to go back a little bit...

A look back at Paris 2017 exhibition

The Paris Boat Show, supported by the favourable winds of a growing industry, opened its doors on Saturday, December 2, 2017, with the objective of attracting a new generation of water sports enthusiasts to the pontoons.

This show, held until December 10 "could not open in a better economic environment," said Friday Yves Lyon-Caen, the president of the Federation of Nautical Industries (Fin) at a conference of press.

Nautic 2017

The 2017 season, which ended on August 31, saw an increase in volumes of the "new market of 11%" in France and the second-hand market was also "very active" with "65,000 mutations". he added.

The 57th Nautic, first edition organized by Nautic Festival, a subsidiary of the Fin, gave itself three years so that the largest interior port of France "can accommodate all generations" and pass from an attendance of 200,000 to 250,000 visitors.

"Our great challenge is the rejuvenation of our clientele.The extraordinary development of the yachting of the 60s and 70s must find a new lease of life," said Mr. Lyon-Caen, wishing that the show becomes "the door to access of these new generations to the practice of boating and yachting ".

According to the Show's General Commissioner, Alain Pichavant, there are today "more sailors outgoing than inbound".

The average age of the visitor was 48 in 2016 and for five years it has increased by six months a year. The average age of the boat owners is 57 or 58 years old.

To seduce the ones under 30 and a new audience other than that of the children of navigators, the show offers a series of animations.

A wave of dynamic surf will be deployed in front of a beach of 240 tons of sand. Visitors can also try "wakeboarding" (board pulled by a boat or a ski lift) and "stand up paddle".

For nine days, 825 exhibitors will be gathered on 130,000 m2 with a thousand exhibited boats including 580 motor boats and 140 sailboats as well as canoes, boards, various beach gear and annexes.

The 2019 season only accentuates the trend

The 2019 exhibition is coming to an end. The show has lost one of its exhibition halls. We interviewed exhibitors to try to gather first impressions. Some see a relative decline compared to other shows in Germany or Cannes. It's not impossible. Hopefully, many sectors are growing in the boating industry, including rental and electric boats.

At seaZen we simply believe that yachting is going to undergo a profound transformation. Boating is a leisure activity, it is not a necessary means of transport, as can be the car or the plane. Boaters are wondering about the meaning of owning a boat that is used less than 10 days a year. As soon as the "Consumer-Actors" have realised the advantages of alternative modes of navigation, a tsunami could transform boating.

Is the solar boat the future of yachting?

At the time of the energy transition, what will happen tomorrow with the appearance of electric boats and solar boats?

The present activity of the Nautic show is carried by its public sailors sailing or motor.

In addition to these navigation styles, which are generally used at more than 5 knots, we believe that solar boating will bring a renewal of the public. Indeed, the solar boat can sail more than 5 knots but also below 5 knots under conditions of safety and comfort unknown until then. As for Solar Impulse, it is possible to go around the world in solar navigation as long as you manage the subtle balance between speed, weather and the rhythm of days / nights.

Solar boating

SeaZen users who have discovered this new use thanks to the Boat Club between Nice and Monaco discover that solar boating lends itself very well to self-service boat rentals or to the boat tour near Nice. Have a satisfaction rate of 100%, so we think that solar boating has serious chances to renew the boating.

This does not mean that solar navigation will replace the sail or the engine. Remember the 20th century. Did the advent of motorboats supplant sailboats? No, of course not. And so will the solar boat. It won't threaten the sail or the outboard. We're just seeing a better segmentation of the market.


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