Tips for a successful picnic

At seaZen, on the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, we see you strolling in the sun. You put the coat away and already took out the shirt. It must be said that the weather is perfect on the French Riviera. It's great for morale, and great for our team that's back in great service.

Chickpea salad, ideal for a spring picnic.

Many of you are starting to rent your boat without a licence in advance, and you are doing well because the best slots are quickly booked. We are thinking in particular of those in the late morning and early afternoon, which is a good time for a lunch break. In this spring period, it is good and not yet too hot. Ideal for up to eight people on the SSR19.

History of proportions

Eight is also the limit for a well-organized picnic. First, plan one or more coolers and several ice packs.

For drinks, avoid alcohol at lunchtime or limit yourself. Otherwise, you are exposed to a severe headache. Above all, provide half a litre of water per guest as well as lemonade or fruit juices for children. On the other hand, take a snack for the aperitif. Keep things simple such as cherry tomatoes, olives, chips or spreads. Think of tapenade or hummus and country bread.

Plan two or three different and practical dishes, so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Tabbouleh, pasta salad, quiches, pies and green salad to season on the spot with a vinaigrette prepared beforehand, and poured into a small bottle.

For cheese, to avoid it dripping or smelling too much in the cooler, choose pressed pasta. We think of Gruyère, Comté, Tome or Cantal. As for dessert, make it simple too. Chocolate cake cut into squares, fresh fruit, fresh fruit salads or homemade shortbread. 

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