Preparing for Fall Dive

Autumn and its cold breath have gained the Côte d'Azur. We may be privileged - we Southerners - there is a time when we must put away the summer business and pull out the umbrella. Fortunately, this is anecdotal, as the climate is mild around Nice and Monaco. This strong point of the south-east makes possible a maximum of outings in the open air, for the greatest happiness of the lovers of sea and mountain.

Divers at sea dressed in diving suits, with masks and snorkels, making a sign that everything is fine.

At seaZen, our thing is, it's more like sea trips, you can imagine. As explained in a previous article, the advantage of our license free boat rental system is that you can afford the services of the SunSeaRider all year round.

Discovering a submarine trail

For example, if you have not had time to sample local aquatic strolls and submarine trails during the summer, you can try it out now. Think of the Anse des Fossettes trail in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

For those who discover the principle, the submarine trails are marked out on the surface, aimed at discovering the marine environment of the coast. Check with associations such as SOS Grand Bleu for more information.

Of course, you will have to provide a special equipment in addition to the typical fins, mask and snorkel. Remember to bring a combination of diving, slippers and gloves. If you do not have one, it is possible to rent it in various specialist shops, in Nice and the surroundings, for a dozen euros.

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