Novelties festival aboard the solar powered catamaran


You are more than 1000 having discovered the coastline aboard our solar powered catamaran, 1000 enthusiasts ambassadors of the solar boating.

Thank you all!

What a long way we have comme since launch of this new life style in 2016. Thanks to your passionate comments, seaZen has constantly improved. Here are the main improvements launched this summer.

Installation of a swimming ladder "great comfort"

This new swim ladder fits the seaZen spirit. Its high handles allow a comfortable sea bathing for the majority of users.

 Echelle de bain confortable

Swim ladder with comfortable handles

One more thing, the ladder rungs are covered with wooden slats for the feet comfort as well.

Improvement of port access conditions

Arriving at the port is always a delicate maneuver. The bigger and more comfortable a boat is, the more difficult it is to learn how to handle it. SeaZen has invested in floating docking access, in order to improve the port equipment. We provide additional security in the event of a false maneuver.

In addition, the deck is at water level. It faces the lowered platform of the fisherman's mole. The boarding is easier. The big ones put their foot directly on the front deck. Children can walk on the floating dock designed for this purpose.

Floating pontoon for children

Floating pontoon for children

2 years of experience with the seaZen Academy

Driving a catamaran that can accommodate 8 people on board does not improvise. This is much simpler than passing your boat license or learning to skip a sailboat, but still there is a minimum of practice to acquire. Thus, thanks to a good understanding of the solar navigation by the members of the Boat Club, the solar catamaran has not been recharged on the electric network since 2016.

Diplome de l'Académie seaZen

SeaZen Academy Skipper Diploma

A word from Guillaume, founder of seaZen:

Thanks to you we have achieved a worldwide feat for a rental boat accessible to all and without a license. We have not consumed a kW of electricity on the electricity network since 2016. All the electricity comes from the solar roof and a subtle mastery by you all of your speed according to your navigation program.

We have constantly enriched our support methods for solar navigation. We can bring you the essential information to be autonomous very quickly depending on your navigation objectives.

For the record, the progression is done step by step at your pace. In any case, you start with a practical situation in one of the most admirable landscapes of the Côte d'Azur.