To know the good behavior and the safety in boat

The sea is a place as beautiful as it is dangerous. That's why learning and knowing the right gestures is essential to ensure our safety and that of your passengers. Here is a compilation of advice and good gestures to adopt when going out at sea.


The right behavior to adopt at sea

Ah, the Mediterranean Sea ... How good it is to live on this space of freedom in bluish colors. To preserve this unique and beautiful place, it is crucial to adopt the right gestures when you go out to sea.

Octopus at sea

Eco-responsible boating

Our license-free boat rental service is 100% eco-friendly thanks to its solar-powered technology. But it is not enough to use clean energy to self-proclaim itself an advocate of nature. Skippers and their passengers have a tremendous opportunity to play an eco-responsible role when sailing. The energy transition is now!

The Côte d'Azur is increasingly threatened

Particularly frequented on land and at sea, the Côte d'Azur is daily degraded, victim of its success, by an influx of people sometimes not sensitive to the fragility of the balance between man and the environment. In addition, some apparently harmless boating habits can have a devastating impact when multiplied throughout the year by many people. The seaZen attitude aims at allowing each of us to be actor with immediate impact.

The dip ocean is not an open-air dump

One cannot imagine how long a simple paper handkerchief takes time to degrade itself in nature. On average, it takes two months. For a cigarette butt, wait 6 months. Drain oil leaves traces for five to ten years. The great champion of macro-waste that is found on all seas, even far from any human activity, is plastic. Bags and plastic bottles take several centuries to disappear. If you want to leave a trace of your passage on Earth, avoid it being a waste ... Plan a place to store your garbage out of the wind when you sail, sort it and throw it in the containers provided for this effect once arrived at the port. 

Other eco-responsible actions that are simple to put in place exist. We'll talk about that in a future article.

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The right behavior to adopt on a boat

In our previous part on eco-responsible navigation, we began to list the best practices to adopt on a boat. Today, waste management is essential to preserve the beauty of the sea, but the aesthetic impact caused by these wastes is not the only worrying point. SeaZen team, your boat rental without a license service, wishes to tell you more.

An impact on the ecosystem

Man-made waste takes a long time to biodegrade. Worse still, they may end up in the stomachs of local wildlife inhabitants. Because of these residues, marine animals died as a result of asphyxia or as a consequence of intestinal occlusion. This sad spectacle is not the only consequence. Wastes produce a chemical nuisance when they biodegrade. This degradation alters the quality of the water and contaminates the flesh of fish, crustaceans, and shellfish. Whether it is an accident or unconscious, the man is poisoning his own food. So, to follow some guidelines seems more important than ever. 

Abord the ship

  • Ensure that light objects do not fly overboard
  • Avoid washing dishes at sea and do not use chemicals
  • Recover floating waste as it passes
  • Smokers use a pocket ashtray. A single butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water!

When dropping anchor

  • Prefer the mooring areas marked with buoys to preserve the wilderness
  • Anchor on a sandy area so as not to tear off algae

Finally, share with others the best practices to adopt at sea. Notify the competent authorities when you observe serious damage on the coast or incivilities on the part of the boaters. Become an eco-responsible skipper by joining the SeaZen BoatClub.

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Safety at sea - preparations

Go for a boat tour, it is a great activity to relax with family or friends. At seaZen, your safety is important. This is why we want to tell you a little more about the rules of navigation and the right actions to adopt. In this way, during your sea trip by our electric boats, you will be ready and serene.

Before leaving

We know that you are eager to leave, but a boat trip, it's getting ready. Therefore, before embarking, it is necessary to check that the boat is not damaged and to ensure that the safety equipment (lifejackets, buoys, first aid kit, distress rockets, etc.) is availlable, suitable for the boat and easy to access. Do not forget to refuel (in the case of a gasoline boat) because it would be a pity to break down in the open sea.

Good, with solar boats, you have very little chance that it will come, the safety equipment is simple and you can even check-in on line your inventory.

You also need to check the weather. Even if the day looks splendid, with a great sun, no wind, and the sea is beautiful, everything can change in a very short time. Indeed, the sea can grew rough and the sky can change quickly. This is why we recommend you to regularly watch the weather, both from the sky and from the sea so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Finally, it is always a good idea to inform a relative who has remained ashore of your boat trip and of your approximate duration of the trip. It costs nothing and can save your life.

Do you want to know rules of navigation on board? Read our blog soon to find the next part.

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Safety at sea - on board

Do you want to sail on the French Riviera ? With seaZen, this dream is now possible. Thanks to solar technology, our boat, the sunsearider, allows you to step away without a boat license. But, to make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s important to learn some safety instructions before taking control of the boat.

SeaZen's boat

Caution at sea 

That's it, it's time to go, you're all excited, you're too excited, perhaps. We know well the desire for speed on the water. It is usually believed that nothing can happen, that we are alone. But that's a mistake. A bad wave taken a little too fast and hop, that's the drama. It is therefore recommended to start the excursion quietly, watching closely the surroundings and the depth of the sea. Respect also the zones of swimming and fishing. Care and careful driving will not prevent you from enjoying the outing, quite the contrary. A cruise at sea, it also finding a nice little mooring in order to anchor and relax, right? Don't worry, seazen is naturally ... Zen and safety is our attitude, the seaZen Attitude.

Houston, we have a problem!

A glitch can always happen. Whether you're driving a large, powerful boat or a boat without a license, zero risk does not exist. In any case, you have to stay on board. Throwing yourself into the water to join the earth is one of the worst ideas you can have!

In case of damage, take your mobile phone and call us. If you are sailing above level 2, you can dial 196 as well. This will allow you to contact the CROSS (Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center) which will locate you automatically and, if necessary, contact the nearest boats for a rescue.

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