Solar boating and rescue at sea

Sea boating brings a total change of scenery for the city-dwellers that we are. For some it is an ode to contemplation, or a place where you can sunbathe, for others it is one of the rare places on earth where it is still possible to live an adventure.

The sea has dangers that once must imperatively know before boarding safely. In this spirit we designed the seaZen boating Academy: a place to sail without a license from one hour of practice. Thanks to a boat designed in France, we have already welcomed more than 2000 passengers with the safety brought with the autonomy of 100% solar plus the autonomy of the batteries.

Some parts of the globe are far more dangerous than others. In some of these places, the sea remains unpredictable even for the most experienced sailors. It was first for these sailors that the relief was organized. For 150 years now, volunteers have been providing rescue services along the coast of France. We want to pay tribute to these rescuers by presenting the SNSM, National Society of Sea Rescue.

What do rescuers do at sea?

We imagine quite easily that the rescuers at sea, are there to save the sailors in danger. We must not forget that they are also present to monitor our beaches. They educate the general public about safety and train their own rescuers. Their role is therefore very important on our coastline.

Here are some key figures about their activity:

At sea On the beaches
  • They are 4,000 rescuers
  • Each rescuer performs on average 1 intervention per year
  • A lifeguard saves almost 2 people a year
  • 1/4 of the interventions are by night
  • They are 2,000 rescuers
  • Each rescuer performs an average of 1.5 interventions per year
  • A rescuer saves almost 1 person a year,
  • and heals 20,000 on the beaches

What are their means?

To fulfill their missions at sea and on the coast, the rescuers have built a fleet of 700 lifeboats or jet skis maintained from the ports of Saint Malo or Palavas.

Flotte de la SNSM

The fleet of SNSM

However, the maintenance of this fleet requires a large budget. The annual maintenance budget represents an average of 6 million euros. This burden is very heavy for an association of volunteers, 80% funded by donations from 110,000 donors. In addition, the fleet should be streamlined and modernized. The stakes are high because in 2030, the 41 CNTT must be renewed, an investment of 70 million Euros.

Make a donation can be deductible up to 66%!

Donations are essential to the long-term survival of SNCM. Good to know: one of which enjoys tax benefits because the association is recognized as public. The SNSM allows an individual to deduct up to 66% of his donation. As for a company, it will be able to deduct up to 60% of its taxes.

Je soutiens la SNSM

With sea excursions, license-free rentals and a Click & Go Boat Club, SeaZen is not only a specialist in solar boat navigation. SeaZen is above all a responsible brand that wishes to carry an exemplary societal commitment. That's why we have dedicated this article to SNSM with a direct link for donation.