Why it's good to sail off season?

The first idea that comes when you plan to do an off-season activity from Nice or Monaco is to go skiing or shopping.

Yet the climate of the Côte d'Azur offers an incomparable charm that residents particularly appreciate.

Lilya and her friend having a boat trip, in a solar boat during a weekend in Nice out of season with a view on Italy

Lilya and her friend having a boat trip, in a solar boat during a weekend in Nice out of season with a view on Italy

The climate

The weather is nice off season. The Côte d'Azur is often protected from the wind, and the reverberation of the sun radiates a delicious grazing sun that quickly warms your clothing preferably dark color.

The azure sky is by definition clear of summer heat mists, you can see the Italian coast much more easily.

The waves

Without the annoyance of the waves of large fast motor boats, you often slip on flat water that nothing disturbs out of season.

The moorings

Yellow swimming zone restriction buoys are removed. You can fly over the seabed and rest for a few hours to anchor. Be careful to preserve the meadows of Posidonia, choose areas of sand to put your anchor.

The sunburns

Just because you're taking a boat ride in the middle of the winter does not mean you're not going to get a sunburn. At sea, the reverb is still strong. Fortunately you will probably have to cover yourself, so icing on the cake, you save the sunscreen!

Solar navigation is a lifestyle Zen, elegant and environmentally friendly

If you also want to discover the Côte d'Azur off season during a stay in Nice or Monaco, we suggest you start with a sea trip.

If you live or plan to come here frequently, you will discover a Boat Club, an innovative boat rental service without a licence and self-service.