Spring navigation in the heart of the French Riviera

Here is the typical story of an outing withe friends on a solar boat in the heartland of the Côte d'Azur.

Departure from the harbour of Beaulieu-sur-Mer

In April, it is very easy to park in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The many car parks of the port have places available, free most of the time. However, in a sustainable development approach, you may prefer the bus or the train. In this case, it is easy to get off at the Kerylos bus stop line 100 - the bus that connects Nice to Monaco - or line 81 - which connects Nice to Beaulieu.

Passing the Villa Kerylos, you may be tempted to visit the museum which is worth the visit. Its breathtaking view of the Sainte Hospice's Bay offers a taste of what to expect if you rent your solar boat.

Once in the port, head to the fishing pier, which some call the Kiss & Drop pier as the tenders drop passengers from their luxury yachts.

Boat tour to Paloma Beach

You rented your boat with seaZen.fr? You will then start with an accompanied boat trip the first time. The following times you access the self-service boat club with its Click & Go service.

As soon as you leave the harbor, the magic of solar navigation sets in. The seaZen slips silently past the hotel La Réserve, then Le Métropole still under renovation. These two 5-star hotels are in the Beaulieu's village and they are adjoining. SeaZen passengers do not have the time to exchange stories about the prestigious hotels they already pass in front of the Effeil Residence, then the Fishermen's Village and finally Villa Kerylos.

The coastline changes a little while you cross the Baie des Fourmis (Bay of the Ants). Just after the Royal Riviera, you will discover the former Villa of the British actor David Niven just ahead.

A little further you arrive at Paloma Beach. What is exceptional during this season is to be able to approach the beach so close because you are not stopped by the line of buoys protecting the "100 meters swimming area".

Elegant atmosphere on board

For the passenger teams these first moments of the year at sea are also magical moments. Immediately on board everyone connects to his smartphone to share "his life".

Then everyone is taking pictures and videos because each minute brings a new panorama.

Erin and her friends enjoy their first outing at sea of the year

Erin and her friends enjoy their first outing at sea of the year

At sea, it is always a few degrees lower thanks to the sea breeze or simply thanks to the wind of the boat when its electric motors are powered by the sun. So, wear an elegant outfit in order to feel in harmony with the place. Some may also provide a sea pick-me-up, France is famous for its good wines ...

At this season the water is still quite cold, besides the summits of the Alps often remain snowy which adds a beautiful touch to the scenery. The sea temperature is rising quickly. It was 14 ° C on April 14 and more than 16 ° on April 20. We won 2 degrees Celsius in just one week! It is therefore the occasion for the first swims which do not last long but which are very appreciated for their tonic effect. In addition, the yellow buoys of 100m are not yet installed, it is possible to approach closer to the beaches.

The return of the Mega-Yachts

Mega-yachts are part of the seasonal landscape of the Côte d'Azur. In winter they leave to the port. They are used to come out from April to October. Here they are! The one we prefer at SeaZen Academy is the Galaxy of Happiness. Indeed, not only is it a magnificent trimaran but in addition its hydrodynamic design consumes about 40% less fuel than a boat of equivalent size.

The trimaran Galaxy of happiness consumes 40% less energy than a monohull of equivalent size

The trimaran Galaxy of happiness consumes 40% less energy than a monohull of equivalent size

Another point in common with the seaZen, we want above all to bring you a moment of happiness.

How to find the right boat trip that suits me?

Solar boating is a breaking through use. Aren't we in 2018? All who try it love it.

According to your needs you will find first a 1 hour accompanied boat tour. Yes, a one hour solar sailing is enough to enjoy the essence of the French Riviera and take a break from out of time. 

You will also find self-drive boat rentals without a license. This solution is the best to live an immersive relaxation. You may return as often as you wish with our click & go boat club solution that offers the best value price.