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We are very happy when our passengers share their customers reviews on our solar boat. We are also very proud when we have the chance to show the media our ambition for the development of a boat rental service in Beaulieu-sur-Mer that is both innovative and accessible. You will find on this page a summary of information about our brand in the press, radio and television.

Press reviews about seaZen.

Interview from Jean-Claude Salles

28/07/2018 - Nice-Matin

In this interview with the Nice Matin Escale Riviera supplement, Jean-Claude Salles comments on the boom in Zen rental, a new form of slow tourism.

Daily Nice Matin, supplement Escale Riviera, page 4 June 2018

Jean-Claude Salles is one of the main Shipshandler of the Riviera Heart. Its JCS Yachting brand is a reference for both professionals and boaters for many years. Based in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, it has recently offered the services of a pooled offer with the SeaZen Boat Club.

The concept of Boat Club is a very innovative service offer in France inspired by a trend already well known in the United States. SeaZen, with its Beaulieu-sur-Mer Boat Club, invites families, friends or romantic couples to go out for a guided boat trip. The solar powered boat is rented from 1 to 2 hours, at a very affordable price. Once conquered, the members of the boat club can rent self-service to sail on a catamaran with zen engine, elegant and environmentally friendly.

Solar navigation is a way to combine the simplicity of the rental and the charms of sailing. As these boats are energy efficient, and although they can accommodate 8 people, they are without a license.

According to Jean-Claude Salles :

"It is enough to integrate simple notions of navigation after the conclusion of a fast formation"

seaZen is the cover of the weekly magazine Pays des Alpes-Maritime

Pays des Alpes-Maritime, Junrn 2018

Departing from the port of Beaulieu, Guillaume Jacquet-Lagrèze embarks you for a quiet and non-polluting sea ride. His ship, called seaZen, draws its energy only in the rays of the sun. A little gem of tranquility that can be appropriated via a boat club. To get rid of the constraints of the boat and keep only its pleasures.

Couverture de l'hebdo Pays des Alpes-Maritime n°809, Du 28 juin au 4 juillet 2018
Cover of Pays des Alpes-Maritime n°809, June 28 to July 4 2018

Solar boat seaZen, More beautiful the sea

5 knots in top speed. A little less in cruise rhythm. For water skiing, there is better. But for all the charms of coastal sailing, hard to find more relevant, more in tune than seaZen.
Like a sailboat enjoying the wind, this  6 m catamaran glides without noise on the translucent water of the Riviera coast. And without recourse to the slightest breath of Eole. On its bridge, no vibration generated by a powerful thermal mill. No smell of fuel exhaust either. By the sea, the electric is fantastic!

"This boat brings together the amenities of sailing and the simplicity of the motorboat," rejoices Guillaume Jacquet-Lagrèze, the proud owner of a machine dedicated to pleasant sailing. Of a ship announcing a pleasant sailing without disturbance. "The 2 kW, engine the equivalent of 3 HP, is fed by a battery which is recharged continuously by the rays of the sun".

The fixed roof top of seaZen is indeed covered with 10 m2 of solar panels. This is all the more important because the energy consumption of the propulsion is low. "It is between a light bulb and a microwave oven depending on the speed. boat, I have not yet needed to plug it into the mains. "

Engineer and former sales executive in the automotive industry, Guillaume bought the small catamaran [Suncy Solar Boat] in June 2016. "By settling on the Côte d'Azur,

I was thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and launching new services related to sustainable development. "He founded Seamagine Eco Navigation, with which he operates seaZen, the name of the first element of its ecological fleet and its brand specialized in renting.

Two ways to navigate

"I propose two formulas: the 1 hour tour accompanied and the self-service tour". In the first case, ... [we accompany the client] ... I chose the port of Beaulieu because it fits well to this type of service. There is an architectural heritage to admire on the shore, such as Villa Kérylos, and clear water that allows you to easily see the seabed of the Natura 2000 area of ​​Cap Ferrat. "Then count a few euros the guided tour in slow tourism mode. A fare applied to a maximum of six passengers on board.

For those who want more, and more often, Guillaume has created a boat club. "It's a way to benefit from owning a boat without the stress." After the settlement of a membership and the payment of a deposit, seaZen is made available to members of the club, who have only to reserve slots of three hours for instance over the seasons. At this price, they can embark at eight and enjoy the pleasures of the sea as they please. "With its solarium located at the front, its central table and its swim ladder at the rear, the ship was designed for this purpose. type of outing: the time for a brunch, a meal or a drink after work, a swim or a fishing trip ".

Since the beginning of its activity, the ... [owner of solar navigation] ... has welcomed some 600 people on his own boat built in the PACA region (in Istres, in the Bouches-du-Rhône) and whose use is backed by a website developed by a company in Nice. "I have 100% satisfaction," he says, referring to customer feedback. What motivate him to extend his concept, awarded at the last show Marina High-Tech, Villeneuve-Loubet. And to anchor it in the local maritime landscape. "I'm looking for partners today to deploy seaZen [and Suncy Solar Boat] in other ports in the Alpes-Maritimes". A call to those who are convinced that with solar, more beautiful will be the sea.

Jean Prève

Pour l'hebdomadaire Pays des Alpes-Maritimes - Du 28 juin au 4 juillet 2018 - N° 809


The solution seaZen presented by Betrand Piccard

01/06/2018 - Paris Match, interview of Bertrand Piccard

"The Seazen Boat Club: the replacement of motor boats. This is proof that tourism and yachting can become clean. It is a small transport boat, for short trips, totally clean. Of course, we are not going to change the marine industry with this Boat Club but it is with this kind of innovation that we change the air quality, where we are. We save fuel, we show the example and if all marinas were equipped, it would make a real difference."

Paris Match, Published May 28, 2018 at 18h16, Romain Clergeat

Full article : Bertrand Piccard: "Je dirai à Trump que protéger la planète, ça rapporte"

Walk to Heart Riviera by TV Gold

Slow Tourism is a new approach to tourism, a new way of life. It's a way to reconnect with the pleasure of "living the journey" in reaction to a trend of visiting Europe in just one week!

Slow Tourism is boating, it is being able to sail closer to the coast, in the area of ​​300 meters, with boats as pleasant to food for passengers as for residents. A lifestyle, courteous, without noise, without smell to admire the French Riviera.

Video made by Francesco Vivoli

The Riviera Heart is located between Nice and Monaco. In this TV report, Elisangelica Ceccarelli offers us a peaceful stroll in a solar boat.

"The Riviera Heart, with its magnificent residences of Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat presents a calm and calm atmosphere far from the effervescence of the high places of the tourism"

During this TV report you will discover:

The Solar Navigation Boat Club, SeaZen was very happy to share this tour with the Italian TV crews. We regularly publish articles on the discovery of the Côte d'Azur. You can follow us on this blog, on social networks like FaceBook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and of course live this experience on board our solar boat.


Nice : Sailing on a solar catamaran within reach of a click

07/02/2017 – 20Minutes, Mathilde Frénois

To make navigation at sea more accessible, seaZen has developed a boat rental concept on the French Riviera. Mathilde Frénois summarizes our offer:

"Self-service is making its way. On the Côte d'Azur, it is possible for some years to drive with blue bikes and blue cars. Now it's a solar boat that you can rent. In Beaulieu, seaZen uses the concept of "click and go" to boating."

Read the article :

A 100% solar boat in Beaulieu in the Mediterranean

11/10/2017 - AtoutNautic

In this article, AtoutNautic presents the seaZen Boat Club and 4 levels of autonomy for navigation without a license.

"The SeaZen Boat Club was inaugurated in the summer of 2017 with a first catamaran type boat, 100% electric and ecological, the boat is powered by solar panels and can accommodate eight people on board. below 6 HP it does not require a license. "

Full article :

Holidays on the French Riviera

Freizeit Revue, Rolf Esch

In this article in German, Rolf Esch recounts his experience aboard the seaZen:

"... I was able to drive the boat after only a few minutes of practice ..."

Full article :

Forward all with the ship Seazen

Article published in Trends in Riviera, Lifestyle Magazine, #46 Juillet-Août

Field reporter, Laura Cohen, tests our solar boat and shares her opinion about our online boat rental service:

"It's time for me to take control. Very easy, acceleration is smooth, driving is intuitive, nothing more simple. Once moored, Guillaume, the director of seaZen editorial, gives me some explanations: "This is the only boat in the world to be designed this way.The solar panels on the roof produce the energy needed to move the boat. clever idea that allows not to pollute and especially very economical.For one year, thanks to the sun of the Côte d'Azur, I have never recharged the batteries."

Article de presse sur la location du bateau solaire seaZen.

Beaulieu organizes a Nature Festival

13/05/2017 - Nice-Matin, Agnès Pasquetti-Barbera

The boat rental seaZen in Beaulieu-sur-Mer is involved in many programs. Here is an example :

"From 17 to 20 May, nature will be celebrating! For the first time since the creation of the Nature Festival in 1970 ..."

Full article :


Article published in YOUBOAT, N ° 33 February March 2017

"seaZen, The nautical ride in solar mode ..."

Reportage Radio Monaco

Issue dated 27/01/2017

Camille's "AfterWork" show has found the perfect boat for sea trips in Beaulieu sur Mer!

"Today Camille Chappuis takes us on a boat tour and without polluting our beautiful Mediterranean Sea, so no, we're not going to sail and take us for adventurers."

Listen to the report at:

Reportage France Bleu Azur

Issue dated 27/01/2017

The boat seaZen is available for rent by the day and without a license.

 "Today on the nautical base, a superb boat visits the CDMM: a totally electric and solar catamaran!"

Listen to the report at

Lifestyle Magazine of the Côte d'Azur

"...Its electric propulsion allows it to reach 6 knots, the same speed as a sailboat..."

Lire l'article :

Reportage 19/20 France3

10/08/2016 - Reportage from Lucas Baron & Jacques Soffer

Blue, blue, electric blue


SeaZen is also present in the English press!

Full article :

The seaZen, 100% electric Suncy19 catamaran for charter on the French Riviera


"In addition to being very easy to handle, the solar boat SeaZen has on board all the comfort imaginable. With its panoramic bridge, its furniture and its big cooler to eat at sea, this boat of 6 meters can accomodate up to 8 people. An ideal format for a sea trip with family or friends. This electro-solar catamaran also has wifi on board!"

Full article :

A solar-powered ship will cast off

Nice-Matin - 30/06/2016, Stéphanie Wiélé

"Beaulieu sur Mer. An electric ship recharging with solar energy will cast off. Inaugurated at the port, the "seaZen" will soon be available for hire for eight people"

Full article :