Scandinavian sea trip like a hygge

At seaZen's blog office, we have a nice concept to evok. It comes right from the Scandinavian countries, where the weather is really cold. We do not understand that, in the south of France, this place bathed in sunshine. But in Denmark, for example, there are times when the sun hides at 3pm. Letting a long, cold evening to face.

Sunset on a calm sea

No boat tour possible after work in such conditions. The Danes meet at home, enjoying to spend time together. This philosophy is called "hygge" (say "hue" and "guh"). The idea: to be in a comfortable place and, ideally, in good company. The noble and natural materials, such as rattan, linen or wood, are honored. We taste a tea, and enjoy the moment.

Sail gently and enjoy the moment

Focusing on simple moments and sharing them, getting closer to natural materials, it is a philosophy of life that rings a bell to us. And that's one thing you can do with the Suncy, our boat without license. This electro-solar boat is environmentally friendly with its bimini lined with photovoltaic cells. Thanks to eco-navigation, it does not reject fuel in the water and is quiet. The two small outboard motors make almost no noise ...

It is an ideal opportunity to allow yourself time to appreciate the present moment. This is facilitated by the low speed of the ride. If you search a 100% sailing autonomy, without using energy of the emergency batteries, you will sail at around 4 knots. The time to soak up landscapes and zen moments with friends and family. By the way, that's how we see it. It is not a matter of going fast, but of opening up his mind to the present experience.