A solar-powered boat requires less maintenance than any other boat. To allow you to learn more we have listed the main spare parts and accessories. Some of them can be obtained from us.

An electric engine is ready to start at any time, whether it's the coldest part of winter or after several months of inactivity. The outboard motor stays dry when the boat is in port, which keeps ageing to a minimum. SeaZen uses 2 kW Torqeedo engines. Our motors are guaranteed for 2 years or 700 hours. Beyond that, a periodical maintenance has to be foreseen. To benefit from the Torqeedo guarantee, maintenance must be carried out by an approved after-sales service. Torqueedo is a worldwide brand, offering good service coverage. This maintenance remains simple. Your after-sales service will mainly remove the propeller shaft cover and change 2 seals, then inspect and lubricate the rest of the engine. The cost of using an electric motor is very cheap compared to traditional combustion engines.

Battery wear depends on how you use the batteries. If you are sailing at solar autonomy you can consider that the batteries are only there to ensure safety. In this case the batteries can remain permanently over 90% charged. This is another advantage of the solar boat, you hardly use the batteries at all. Remember that at the end of their life, batteries must be sent for recycling.

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