SeaZen is recruiting

Presentation of SeaZen and perspectives

Seamagine Eco Navigation has been operating a solar boat under the brand name SeaZen since 2016. With more than 7,000 visitors, 7,000 km travelled and zero kW consumed on the electrical grid, SeaZen is the specialist in solar navigation. Safety and quality are more than ever fundamental for the development of this new market. Numerous national and international awards attest to the company's ability to innovate.

  • Efficient Solution Label 2018 and 2022 by Solar Impulse
  • Tourism Innov Award 2019 by the South Region
  • Service innovation award #VirtualNautic 2021 by the Federation of Nautical Industries
  • Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor

SeaZen wants to strengthen its offer of boat rental accompanied by a guide and skipper. To accompany its growth in Beaulieu-sur-Mer or Juan-les-Pins, SeaZen wishes to rely on the skills of locally based skipper(s). In addition, this job could be a springboard for an entrepreneurial skipper wishing to open a SeaZen franchise base in another port on the French Riviera. In addition, as the business grows, SeaZen may extend the recruitment period for the following seasons or extend to other franchised bases over a longer or shorter period with possibly shorter working hours.

Joining SeaZen means giving a new meaning to your career while making the Côte d'Azur an international showcase for responsible yachting. 

Job description

Thanks to his smartphone, the skipper knows his schedule for the day. Potentially he can operate a departure every hour non-stop. The first departure can start at 9am at the earliest and the last arrival can be at 9pm in the most extreme and rare case with 2 breaks of 1pm-2pm and 6pm-7pm. Plan to arrive in the morning 15 minutes before the first departure and leave the boat about 15 minutes after the last departure.

The route can be customised to suit the client's expectations, depending on whether they have booked the 1 or 2 hour tours.

Solar boat tours in Beaulieu-sur-MerSolar boat tours in Beaulieu-sur-Mer

Skills required

  • Drive a 1 ton solar catamaran with a 2 kW motor at a cruising speed of less than 5 knots (the charm of sailing with the simplicity of the motor)
  • Anticipate the weather in relation to comfort and safety, adapt speed and course perimeter according to the weather, decide on cancellations.
  • Understand the basics of mechanics and electricity to maintain and handle the boat with care, feel its good nautical behaviour as well as the battery charge and detect / report any problem in advance.
  • Adapting to the sociology of the visitors, from "young suburbanites" to 5* hotel guests.
  • Knowledge of the history, nature, people and yachts of the French Riviera.
  • French - English fluent

Required qualities

  • Interest in innovation and the environment.
  • Rigour to pilot with the regularity of a metronome 6 days a week, generally from 9am to 8.20pm almost without interruption except for the 2 planning breaks and always arriving at the right time whatever the weather conditions.
  • Stamina to animate groups non-stop all day, sometimes speaking non-stop in French/English if there are many questions, otherwise it's about 50% of the time.
  • Enjoying contact with a wide range of people, from families with young children, hen parties, romantic couples, groups of retired people with reduced mobility, residents showing their relatives around the coast.
  • Good communicator who knows how to handle tact and ascendancy: remove shoes on board / picnic only if there is no risk of staining / finish the swim to get back in time / take over the helm in case of late risk / planning

Training included in the job and skills development

Week 1: duplicate action training

Once recruited, he will have to assimilate the tourist information and specificities of solar navigation. Most of this information is already published online on the website but it takes time to assimilate it. For the specific techniques of SeaZen navigation, he will discover the tricks to manage the solar autonomy and arrive easily on time. He will spend the first week working in tandem with the SeaZen founder and will progressively lead more and more solo time slots. 

Weeks 2 and 3: autonomous skipper

At the end of the first week of training, he will take over the activity for the whole of the following two weeks. The commercial issues of booking and online payment will be handled remotely by the backoffice and he will not have to worry about them.

Confidentiality clause

SeaZen is developing a unique activity of hourly tours on an electric/solar boat that has no competition to date. Moreover, the training provided as a "tourist guide" is specific, based on historical content and people located within a radius of 5 km around Beaulieu. The skipper will have to commit himself not to exercise a competing activity during 2 years.