Eco Tourism - Calanques de Marseille

Who has not heard of the Calanques (the creeks)? The Marseillais will even say that it is the most beautiful site in the world! At seaZen, the pioneer of 100% solar navigation since 2016, with 2000 customers and zero kilowatts consumed on the electricity grid, we seek to promote new uses of tourism. We publish this article to encourage the public to discover the creeks and also to help the local actors to turn towards an environmental approach to eco-navigation.

What is the most beautiful cove of Marseille?

Between work and children, we all feel tired and stressed. And of course, if we consult the opinion of a professional or if we discuss with our friends, he advises us all to take a nice walk in an exceptional and fascinating place. History of relaxing and going out of everyday life. But for that, which place to choose, Speaking of exceptional and fascinating place, why not go to the creeks of Marseille, a magical and exceptional place that allows us to live a magical and unforgettable experience? Marseille has beautiful coves, the most beautiful is the creek of Cassis. In fact, it is a heavenly place, which is preserved at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Want to know more details? Discover everything in this article.

Calanque de Marseille

Cassis, a tourist town

Today, more and more tourists are attracted by the creeks of Marseille. And they are absolutely right, considering all the wonders that this place contains. However, Cassis, which is pronounced "Cassee", is 20 km from Marseille, and has at least 8,000 inhabitants. This place is famous for its creeks, its cliffs and also the Cape Canaille. This heavenly place is also famous for its rosé wines and its white wines. Are you passionate about sports? As a result, make a visit on the last Sunday of October. Every year, there is the half-marathon ritual, whose route debuts in Marseille and ends in Cassis.

Cap Canaille, the most famous

Cape Canaille is probably one of the must-see places not to be missed, during your getaway in the creeks. Being to the east of the port, it means mountain of waters, aqueducts. It is formed by a large stone mass. It is known as one of the highest sea cliffs in Europe with a peak of 394 meters. Cape Canaille is an exceptional place that offers you an extraordinary view, if you arrive at the top. Moreover, this heavenly place guarantees its tourists a moment and an exceptional view. If you wish, you can also explore Cap Canaille on foot or by bike. Only, prepare your hiking shoes and equipment, so that your walk is a marvel, a real experience not to be missed during your stay.

The calanque of Cassis

Want to go to the creeks? You're absolutely right. However, you have the choice between a walking tour and a boat tour. The choice depends on you, your tastes, your strength and your situation. Today, 90% of tourists prefer the visit of the creeks by boat. Indeed, it is an essential way to discover and contemplate the beauty of the creeks. In addition, today, many companies offer this service as Blue Evasion with its large sailing catamaran. Thus, finding the ideal boat to discover the creeks is not a difficult task. As for the price, this is affordable and affordable for everyone. So why not get started? After all, it only gives you advantages.

Everything is a question of use?

How to encourage the discovery of creeks and accelerate the energy transition? Perhaps in the first place by carefully choosing a mode of transportation. Today, there are no boats with solar powered energy able to make the sea from Marseille to the Calanques. The only one in the world available for private rental is located in Nice today. This is a demonstrator whose objective is to allow professionals wishing to deploy a solar navigation solution to easily launch on their shoreline. A deployment of such boats with local partners, can only be done if these operators welcome an increasingly informed and demanding public.

However, we must not forget that sailing boats are eco-sailing par excellence. So for a walk to the creeks today, we strongly recommend to privilege the sailing catamaran with the hirers who already propose!