Sunsets private cruise on a solar boat

You may have dreamed of seeing a sunset from the sea. And if in addition this boat was gliding peacefully in silence and odorless?

This is such an experience seaZen offers you to live from Beaulieu, Nice Côte d'Azur.


The magic begins when boarding the catamaran. As soon as you are comfortably seated, the boat comes out of its berth in silence and without the exhaust fumes. This is an opportunity to discover the magic of a subtle use of a solar powered boat. Thanks to the "seaZen attitude", the catamaran has stored enough energy during the day to accompany you at night on its batteries.

Of course you will go slower. It is precisely at this moment that you will discover the most pleasure of sliding quietly on the translucent waters slightly wrinkled by the lapping of the bow.

The navigation program

The safe and environmentally friendly navigation speed allows you to approach the coastline as close as possible. You drive along the luxury 5-star hotels La Réserve, Le Royal Riviera and La Voile d'Or. In passing you admire the famous villas Kerylos, David Niven, Ephrussi.

Fancy a bath stop, what do you say to swim in front of the Baie de Fourmis or Paloma Beach?

The charm of the sunset

This magic moment is definitely not like the others. The sun will set east behind the height2s of Cap Ferrat or Villefranche depending on the season. The boats are starting to light up with a thousand fires. The bay of Sainte Hospice begins to rest from the hustle and bustle of the day. The waves of motor boats are less frequent. You slip so silently on the water that you call it Zen navigation.

Sunlit behind Villa Ephrussi and yacht Galaxy of Happiness
Sunlit behind Villa Ephrussi and yacht Galaxy of Happiness

Refreshment and snack

Do you plan to enhance this moment with a refreshing drink?

Here is trick to enjoy fresh drinks on a boat that does not have a refrigerator. We have selected for you the two closest grocery store of the boat linked on Google Map, less than 5 minutes walk. A simple click and your smartphone will tell you the easiest solution. So go to the cold aisle and choose the cold drinks in their refrigerator. They also have glasses.

We can also offer you a concierge service, for example if you want to make a surprise to celebrate a particular moment.

The choice is yours, and in any case, consume with moderation.

Aperitif in front of the Ulysse mega-yacht
Aperitif in front of the Ulysse mega-yacht

Be careful, even if the waves are generally less strong in the evening, we can not guarantee the sailing conditions of a lake. Let's just say that generally at a very quiet speed the boat shakes less, so it becomes easier to take a drink if you hold the glasses and plates.

How to enjoy the sunset solar boat tour?

You have two options depending on whether you want to be accompanied or to sail alone.

  1. If you want to sail alone, you need to reach a certain level with the seaZen academy because night navigation requires more experience. We have designed for you a progression program in 3 levels specifically to allow you to live this moment without a license.
  2. If you want to be accompanied, just book your time slot online with a sunset option, this solution is ideal to introduce you to solar navigation.

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