Prepare your sea trip with seaZen!

Having the project of a sea trip with friends. Done. Choose the solar boat because you know it's quiet and non-polluting. Done. Decide to be accompanied by a guide or take the controls yourself. Done. Reserve the right time slot for you and your six or seven friends. Done. Now all that remains is to decide what you're going to do on board.

 A trip at sea in a solar-powered boat

Swimsuit, flippers, buoys...?

For swimming, it all depends on the season of course. But if it's the right time, enjoy yourself with all the accessories you can get!

Sunscreen, hat and glasses

Sunbathing is all year round on our beloved French Riviera! The front of the boat lends itself ideally to a little nap under the sun's rays. Protect your skin well if you don't want to come back with a sunburn, by following our advice on the subject :

Protecting yourself from the sun aboard a boat

Plan the picnic, snack or aperitif.

Depending on your reservation schedule, it may be time to eat. It is quite possible to take advantage of the sea trip to have a snack, the table on the boat is large! Here again we have some tips and suggestions :

Tips for a successful picnic

Taste the Côte d'Azur in every sense of the word

As little impact as possible

Whatever your program at sea, we will simply recommend that you make sure you don't throw anything overboard. The purpose of solar navigation is to reduce pollution; it would be a shame to leave some behind. We need to preserve the Mediterranean to continue to enjoy it!

The right things to do on a boat 1

The right things to do on a boat 2