Protect your skin at sea, even in February

On the blog of seaZen, of course, we talk to you about walks in the open air. We list for you the most beautiful beaches of the area to visit, the splendid villas that can only be seen from the sea or even the most comfortable anchorage areas. In short, you are strongly advised to rent a self drive boat and to play like an adventurer (moderate) of the seas. However, we can not forget to warn you: sunscreen is not only for summer days.

Clouds over the sea, with boat.

No rest for UV

It is often mistakenly believed that the winter sun is harmless. All this because it heats less. However, the rays it provides - the famous ultraviolet or UV - remain the same, although the ambient air is less hot. This is why, when you offer a boat cruise from Villefranche, consider to equip yourself in sun protection. The Riviera is famous for its mild year-round weather, and you will most likely enjoy a lunch in the sun on your silent Suncy19.

Protect yourself from old age marks, early wrinkles and other risks of skin cancers by applying a sunscreen. They are increasingly fluid, non-sticky and easy to spread. Then brush exposed body parts like face, arms and hands. Make sure that your day cream and / or foundation do not contain make-up. In this case, no extra coat is required (unless you extend the exposure). If not, spread the sunscreen after the day cream and before the foundation.

Bet on protection from 15 FPS (sun protection factor) for the dullest skins to 30 for the lighter ones.