Become skipper in one hour: a seaZen academy innovation


Solar boating is a new form of high-end navigation without a license, particularly well suited to the Côte d'Azur. Its easy access allows it to make a place of choice next to motor boats or sailboats. The novelty lies in the selection of the boat and in the crew training tools. In one hour, a beginner and his relatives can train themselves easily to maneuver a boat and then use it directly


So far, to take his family to sea on a boat that can accommodate up to 8 people, you must pass a boat license or take sailing courses. It is expensive and time-consuming. Once experienced, the skipper of a motor boat or a sailboat feel more comfortable if accompanied by teammates, which is not always easy to find in his entourage ...This a the reason why so many people dream about being a skipper without actually taking the step.

The step to acquire the required level of experience is such that Nice, the 5th largest city in France, has a relatively small number of boaters.

The novelty

Today it is possible to rent a boat that can accommodate up to 8 people, in good conditions of safety and autonomy without having a boat license. The choice of the boat, a SunSeaRider, as well as the navigation area, facilitate the handover. Before embarking on the sea, it is generally enough to follow a one hour handover to acquire a basic skipper training. proposed sailing programs are simple at the beginning and scalable. A range of training tools, SeaZen Academy accompanies the skipper throughout his progression.

An audience in search of comfort and elegance

After 3 months of pilot phase, seaZen demonstrated that the boat is working and meets the enthusiasm of 100% of people who have had the chance to test it for an hour or a day. The experience of navigation is unprecedented, therefore it interests a new audience. It is not the usual public of the classic "boats without license" that can accommodate maximum 5 people without initial experience. To navigate on the seaZen, a short training of one hour is necessary. The seaZen is made for people expecting comfort, relaxing space and elegant design. This new audience discovers the silence of electric navigation, the absence of odour, the conviviality of a panoramic catamaran cockpit. He has a "eco-navigation" sensibility and most of the time didn’t had the time to pass a boat license or sailing courses..

How it works ?

The user first evaluates his level by answering an online free MCQ. If it seems preferable to follow a training, it follows a one hour. handover There is therefore virtually no more to be taken to become the Skipper, even though the safety and the handling remain central.

Navigation sans permis


Once the grip is made, the user can rent his boat as often as he wishes. This is all the interest linked to the simplicity of the solar boat. The skipper can sail regularly knowing that he must remain cautious at sea. He will be advised to follow a regular progression thanks to the navigation guides put at his disposal in our seaZen Academy.



A handover only costs a one hour boat tour plus your personal time to assimilate the theory. The user can also invite relatives to share with him the grip. This allow to share the adhesion cost with up to 6 people. Advantage? The navigation will be all the more secure as its future crew members will also be trained. Nothing to do therefore with the budgets necessary to pass a boat license nor to follow sailing courses.

Once the handover complete, the rental cost for an outing at sea depends on the season and experience. The Boat Club offers a competitive and flexible solution thanks to the Click & Go solution.

Also note: the check in / inventory takes only a few minutes which is perfectly suitable for short-term outings ... or people in a hurry!