Heat wave: solar boat tour

What activity can I do during the heat wave?

In times of heatwave, many of us are looking to refresh ourselves.

According to the newspaper Le Monde :

"The episode is expected to last one week in some areas, with temperatures as high as 41°C."

Do you know that the solar boat ride is an activity that lends itself especially to the heat wave?

Stop heatwave under a solar roof

Freshness of sailing

Solar sailing requires a hard top equipped with photovoltaic panels. This roof offers a very pleasant shade for its passengers.

The autonomous solar sailing makes it possible to advance at a zen speed, without consuming energy and odor. So and this is an important difference with navigation on motor boats, it is possible to spend his day sailing all the time. This navigation does not tire because it is quiet, you continue to talk to your loved ones, and you benefit from a refreshing breeze thanks to the speed of the boat. The speed of the boat is close to that of the sailboats, because of this the sea breeze combined with the speed of the boat corresponds roughly to the freshness of a powerful ventilator.

Bath freshness

Of course, the solar boat can anchor in the most beautiful sites of the Cote d'Azur. What could be more natural than enjoying a dive into the blue Mediterranean?

Are you too cold after a long swim? Nothing prevents you from enjoying a sun bath at the front or at the back of the boat to warm you up a bit!

  1. Bain de soleil

Excellent carbon footprint

A solar boat has an extremely low carbon footprint. You do not consume electricity from the grid and neither do you consume fossil fuel to navigate. The SeaZen Boat Club is accessible by public transportation either by bus or by train.

Can we imagine a more refreshing activity that emits less CO2 in the French Riviera?