Test your skipper experience for free

SeaZen has developped a simple questionnaire, in order to help you through the evaluation of your boating experience. It will take less than 10 minutes of your time. At first you will be asked to auto-asses key sailing competences, to finish with you answer case study questions.

Free skipper test

Reliable tests

In addition to being free, the seaZen tests are reliable and will allow you to have a real appreciation of your level. If you are still unsure of yourself and would like to have clear answers to your questions, this free test is a good way to know where you stand. And above all, it can be a real gas pedal to motivate you to take the boating license afterwards without wasting your time or taking a license you won't need. seaZen thinks first of your needs and desires and this test is a good way to know your level objectively and to test the practice afterwards.

A good way to prepare for your boating license

Taking these tests and evaluating your level will allow you to prepare for your boating license for free. Once you have passed your license, you will be able to sail with larger boats without the help of a skipper. More freedom, more maneuverability, and in complete safety. You will even be able to steer the seaZen boats.

You prefer to start with a theoretical training?

Discover the seaZen Academy! The solar academy with simple and effective training.

Getting a boating license or buying a boat is a real personal investment and people often can't do it for lack of time. Thanks to SeaZen, choose an efficient strategy to limit this waste.

  1. Benefit from a training to pass the boat license with real practical experience of boat rental.
  2. Make a family project a reality and go sailing together. Sharing the experience with others makes it even more exceptional.
  3. Unlike traditional boat license schools, your crew will also be trained to help you during your first trips as a solo skipper.
  4. The solar academy is not a substitute for a boating license but a very formative experience, you will be able to pass your license with confidence and with a better chance of success.

Whether you are a beginner or already have your license, you will benefit from a training adapted to your needs with trainers who listen to you. Summer is approaching so come and evaluate your level with our free tests to get you started.