Heading to la Mala

Have you always dreamed of becoming captain of a boat? In France, you have two possibilities to sail at sea: pass your boat license or rent a license free boat. With the seaZen Academy, you can easily take over the largest license free boat of France. Our solar powered boat make you discover the French Riviera from another angle. In addition, we guide you to the most beautiful moorings in the region to share unforgettable memories with your family or friends. Today, we invite you to discover the bay of Saint-Laurent. This guide is classified as Level 5 from Beaulieu's Boat Club.

Plage de la Mala near Cap d'ail village
Crédit photo : Rémy Vanroy - Plage de la Mala

To the west, paradise

On our blog, we showed you several moorings west of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, your boarding point. Bays and especially paradisiacal beaches line your route, such as Paloma beach or the beach of pits. Further, you reach the bay of Villefranche, famous crossing point of the biggest steamers of the world. Let's move on to new horizons.

To the east, too

Located after the village of Èze-sur-mer, the village of Cap d'Ail overlooks the sea from the steep cliffs and woodlands of the Mediterranean basin. The village extends to the bay of Saint-Laurent, known for its natural beauty. To access this heavenly place by boat from the seaZen boarding area, you will have to walk along the coastline to the east.

How to reach La Mala beach from the sea?

After leaving Ant Bay, set sail for the cliffs of Cap Roux. This step passed, go directly to the Cabuel point without entering the cove of Eze. Continue your route along the relief, particularly impressive at this place. You will pass in front of the prestigious Cap Estel hotel, one of the most exclusive of the Côte d'Azur. With seaZen you will discover it from the sea.

View of the Cap Estel Hotel from the sea
View of the Cap Estel Hotel from the sea, © seaZen 2018

A few minutes later, you arrive at the bottom of the bay. You can not go wrong by recognizing the white umbrellas of the Réserve de la Mala or the red umbrellas of the Éden Plage.

At anchor aboard the seaZen you can enjoy one of the shuttles that will be more than happy to drop you on the beach to have lunch in one of these two charming restaurants.

Eden Beach Restaurant in La Mala
Eden Beach Restaurant in La Mala, © seaZen 2018

You can also have lunch aboard the seaZen. The solar boat design is exceptionally comfortable for lunch on a boat of this size. In addition you are a short distance from swimming the impressive cave of La Mala in Cap d'Ail. Be careful, some rocks can fall off cliffs, do not stay just below it would not be safe!

The impressive cave of La Mala is overlooked by the cliff of Cap d'Ail
La Mala cave - Cap d'Ail, © seaZen 2018


Our solar navigation tips

Access to the beach of La Mala can be done easily by solar boat from Beaulieu sur mer. To assist you in your navigation - our boats are without a license - we have created an academy for solar boating. This very pleasant sailing is reserved for level 4 of the academy. Here are the practical navigation tips.

The prevailing winds are easterly winds, so that on the go you will probably have an opposite swell and a starboard tack wind. So you have better aim at Cap d'Ail (more to the right) which compensates for the drift. If you do not do it, it's not a problem at all, in fact you will drift to marry the course of the Coast which has charm too. You will then approach closer to the beautiful bay of Eze which we will talk about in another article. However, your travel time may be longer. The choice is yours according to your crew expectations.

On your return, and always on the assumption that the prevailing wind is from east, you will be at a favorable pace, especially as you will be pushed by the Ligurian stream. This stream runs along the Mediterranean coast from Liguria in Italy to Gibraltar... Well known sailors or fishermen this current of 1 node fluctuates according to the seasons.

Navigation map from Beaulieu to La Mala
Navigation map from Beaulieu to La Mala

You will also adjust the speed according to the comfort of navigation with the waves. Probably at 3-4 knots one way to La Mala, you will reach 4-5 knots back. It is thus necessary to schedule 1 hour to the go by contrary wind while rounding a little in the bay of Eze. For the return a little more than half an hour, may be necessary, according to all these parameters and of sunshine. Remember that you must make the boat loaded, it is even possible to make it 100% load.

You might have to schedule a few minutes more to maneuver the boat in the harbors and clean the boat as you found it.


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