SeaZen contributed to the development of the Covid Safe protocol with the French Federation

Since its creation, seaZen has been committed to developing an environmentally friendly and socially responsible sailing experience. In the same spirit, seaZen participates since March 17th 2020, in the Working Group led by the Federation of Nautical Industries, which resulted in the drafting of a National Guide to COVID Safety. For seaZen, this participation also feeds a deep reflection on its specificities, whose strength has always been to offer flexible outings by hours. It appeared necessary to develop the concept of navigation without physical contact. Moreover, the boat is totally open to the outside, without a cabin, exposed to the sun, in a salty environment, some surfaces heat up to more than 40°C. Do these natural predispositions offer a relative defence against coronavirus? We would like to believe so. At this stage, it is simply established that the viral load of the virus decreases very quickly in an outdoor environment (within a few minutes it is no longer contaminating).

In summary: Boat rental without a cabin is a full outdoor activity with enough space for social distancing between you and our team. It is not mandatory to wear a mask outdoors, our team will wear one if you wish. If you accidentally touch a surface, we provide a hydro-alcoholic gel.


Despite all these difficulties, we believe we can keep the seaZen spirit intact: enjoy a Zen, elegant and environmentally friendly experience.

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Our 10 Stop Covid-19 actions

Here are the details of the specific actions implemented by seaZen during the pandemic. If we don't have time to read everything, don't worry, we'll be sure to present them to you when you arrive if the news requires it!

  • How to rent the boat?

    Reservations and payments are made 100% on line.

    ACTION#1, a sworn statement No Covid is required at the time of booking.

    How to avoid contact on board?

    In fact, with over 3500 passengers at the time of writing, we already know that the majority of the passengers in your group can fully contemplate the beauty of the French Riviera, without having to touch the surfaces of the boat.

    However, if any of the team have to take part in the manoeuvre, they will have to wash their hands before and after each operation. A hydro-alcoholic gel is provided - ACTION#2.

    In addition, the equipment made available such as Masks and Tubes is being withdrawn for the duration of the pandemic. The life-jackets are reserved for emergencies. - ACTION#3.

    Cushions are removed so that surfaces in the sun heat up with a disinfectant effect. In case of excessive heat, we recommend the use of a personal towel and we can spray water on request which will dry very quickly. - ACTION#4.

    What are the interactions with our team?

    Wearing a mask is not necessary because we maintain more than 1 meter between your group (client cell) and the companion (seaZen cell). The skipper guide always wears a mask as an additional precautionary principle.

    The release of a 'corridor' of free movement on the port side and a simple musical chair mechanism. - ACTION#5 for the starboard bench, offer several possibilities of positioning on board without crossing each other within 1 meter. Moreover, the guide will avoid as much as possible being positioned opposite each other, he will favour as much as possible the positions forming an angle of at least 90% with your group.

  • How to avoid contamination of the control station?

    We keep the possibility to limit the capacity of accompanied tours to 4 people instead of 6. - ACTION#6. This increases the safety distance from the control station (steering wheel, gear lever). We avoid possible droplet projections from the passengers. - ACTION#7. This is the only way to prevent droplets from being sprayed onto the driver's cab.

    The steering wheel, control lever and circuit breaker are outside, in the light. It has been established that a possible viral load that would have been deposited despite all these precautions does not last more than a few minutes in an outdoor environment, in the light. If you change helmsman and are in doubt about how many minutes like us, it is better to wait for a 15-minute anchorage stop, or return to port to wash the wheel in fresh water with soap. In any case, and at each change of helmsman, the helmsman must wash your hands before and after with the hydro-alcoholic gel.

    Caution: alcohol and bleach damage on-board equipment and pollute the environment. We can only use on board products that are compatible with nautical activities.

    Can I still go swimming?

    To date we have no precise information on the survival of the virus at sea! But we do know that:

    • You will have to use a stainless steel bathing ladder to sea bathing.
    • The virus only lasts a few minutes on the outside.
    • At least 20 minutes will have elapsed between the departure from the port and the bathing stop, you must also add at least 20 minutes from the bathing of the crew that preceded you and the departure of your group. That is to say 40 minutes at least.
    • If you change clothes standing or sitting on the afterdeck, the seawater drains off and takes a few minutes to dry on the deck.

    To the best of our knowledge we can only recommend the use of a hydro-alcoholic gel to wash your hands before and after bathing. We will try to be more precise as soon as we know more.

    Can I use the table?

    We have kept our rates unchanged by choosing to develop a contactless navigation experience.

    Due to the lack of information regarding the number of minutes beyond which an exterior surface becomes Covid-Free, we must ask you to please wash your hands before and after any contact with the table.

    If you wish to organize a snack on board or if you leave alone after the pick-up, for a rental without a licence or in a boat club, we have to plan on your return, an optional systematic cleaning of the table - ACTION#8.

    What precautions should be taken with manoeuvring crewmembers?

    If your crew members wish to take part in the manoeuvre, be aware that they are likely to touch the anchor locker, anchor, chain, ropes and mooring cleats, or a neighbouring boat to avoid shocks during the harbour manoeuvre.

    We set up a simple, natural rule, which avoids the excess of toxic products for the environment:

    • We made a Virtual Practrice Guide - ACTION#9. Practice this guide before you leave, you will be up and running more quickly and your companion will be able to stay back, which limits contact interactions.
    • Use the aqueous-alcoholic gel to wash your hands before and after maneuvers
    • Wear a mask to avoid splashes on the on-board equipment
  • By applying these actions together, we can maintain an unchanged price for the Private tour accompanied with a guide.

    Concerning outings License-free or Boat-Club we need to plan a more frequent wash+dry - ACTION#10. This action is temporary, until we have more precise information on the duration of activity of the coronavirus outdoors, in the sun, on hot surfaces, in a saline environment. It has a definite cost on our economic model. So as not to pass it on in our prices, remember to make the boat as clean as you found it. On our side, before each embarkation we are at your disposal to wash again, and in front of you the sensitive parts.