Navigate by solar motor catamaran

Not only is it the largest license free motor catamaran in France, but it is also powered with the sun!

The motor yacht catamaran

The motor catamaran is renewing the nautical sector. It keeps the friendly platform of the sailing catamarans while avoiding the complexity of ... the sails, relying only on the engines. The engines were based on fossil fuel up to now. But fossil engine are sometimes uncomfortable due to the noise and exhausts. Motor catamarans can now be electric, silent and odorless.

The platform of the catamaran offers a new art of living to its boaters. A lifestyle focused on quality and conviviality on board. Depending on the size of the ships, and depending on the navigation program, there is not always a need for cabins. On a catamaran, everything happens on the bridge. This is where passengers enjoy the sea with maximum comfort.

SeaZen has chosen this type of boat for its Boat Club created in 2015. The Suncy Solar Boat, an autonomous catamaran with solar energy. This article summarizes the main uses of the enthusiastic early adopters we met in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Share a moment together

To share a meal, you need a large table and benches. That is most fitting, because they sit in the center of the catamaran. This space is so well located in the center of gravity than passengers can continue to eat all together with the skipper, while savoring the show unfolding before their eyes. Just be careful not to go too fast in the waves because it could shake! In the summer, the morning brunch or the evening aperitif are the most quiet moments to take advantage of the calm sea water, during the winters these moments are rather the lunch time.

Sol y Sombra
Sol y sombra

The sun is usually sought after. In a group you always find either passengers looking for the sun either looking the shade. Thanks to an elegant arbor - a photovoltaic roof in the shape of an airplane wing - the solar boat almost always offers a bench in the sun and a bench in the shade. It is "sol y sombra" as the Spaniards would say. Everyone finds the comfort that suits him while allowing everyone to share a moment together.

To maintain fresh food, nothing is more convenient than boarding your cooler bag. Rather than transferring the meal to an insulated box on board, experience has shown that it is easier to take one's own cooler bag and then put it down, for example behind the skipper seat or in a boot. The sea trip only lasts a few hours and the use of a bag is ample in such case. You may think to carry cold trays or ice packs.

Have a swim

For swimming, you need of course a ladder bath, as for all boats it goes without saying. But what is particularly popular on the catamaran is to have a large quarter deck on the stern (the back of the ship). The bather feels more comfortable to prepare himself or herself quietly before going down to the water. Once back aboard, he or she can also take time to dry without wetting his neighbors.

Easy to swim with a comfortable ladder
Easy to swim with a comfortable ladder

Sunbathe on a terrace above the sea

Solariums do not miss on a catamaran. The best location is at the bow (the front of the ship). Aboard the seaZen, the solar roof stops above the table. The front balcony can accommodate 2 people lying side by side. Remember to take your bath towels because the teak deck is sometimes very hot with the sun!

A lady perfecting her tan on the bow of the solar boat

A lady perfecting her tan on the bow of the solar boat

It is also possible to lie on a bench and enjoy the shady coolness "sol y sombra" of the cockpit.

Last but not least, when the backseat is not used by the swimmers, then this makes it a place to sunbathe. In fact, few passengers think about it, yet it is the quietest corner for the first one who thought to occupy it.

And in addition it is solar!

Thanks to its energy efficiency, this silent and odorless boat sails with an electric motor powered by batteries and photovoltaic panels. It has not been charged on the electric grid since June 2016.

The opinion of journalists

Recently, a journalist from Trends in Riviera, commented in his article from Lifestyle Magazine:

"It's time for me to take the helm. Very easy, the acceleration is crescendo, driving is manageable, nothing more simple..."

Trends in Riviera, Lifestyle Magazine (#46 July August)

Trends in Riviera, Lifestyle Magazine
(#46 July August)

The seaZen team is very grateful of this article which illustrates how much this art of living corresponds to the spirit of the Côte d'Azur. It is therefore no coincidence that seaZen has launched the solar catamaran rental in Beaulieu, a commune of Nice Côte d'Azur Metropolis, between Nice city center and Monaco.

You too can discover or rediscover the Côte d'Azur by solar boating!