International Women at Sea Day

Why Women's Rights Day?

According to the UN, which made the day official, this date is closely linked to the general strikes and women's demonstrations in St Petersburg in 2017. Today, according to the UN, only 22% of women hold positions in fields such as artificial intelligence.

How are women represented in boating?

Women are also very poorly represented in boating. According to the e-commerce statistics that we had carried out in 2017 among the people who search for a boat for rent on the internet, more than 70% of the customers are men. They are searching for themselves and their families of course. Among ship crews 80% of skippers are men and 80% of hostesses are .... Women.

Women are in the majority in solar sailing!

Since its creation in 2016, SeaZen has welcomed more than 7,000 visitors and a very large majority of orders are placed by female customers. In addition, the SeaZen franchise now has a woman for its first franchise opening, which brings the entrepreneurial gender mix in solar navigation to 50%.

Mylène Muller, founder of SeaZen in Juan-les-Pins
Mylène Muller, founder of SeaZen in Juan-les-Pins

Thank you women for contributing to the success of solar navigation!

Why do women prefer solar navigation?

At SeaZen we believe that solar sailing has a lot to offer women. Here's why.

A solar electric boat is easy to handle and does not require a license. The boat is accessible to anyone over 16 years old, male or female, after a 2 hour training course. It can then be booked online, at any time and from your smartphone, which is easier when you are balancing a busy life and family life. Membership of the club is done at the same time as the initial training. For occasional users, it is also possible to take tours accompanied by a skipper and guide and to drive the boat yourself.

Women in the driving seatA rear driver's seat allows the captain to participate in the discussion

On the occasion of Women's Day, we tried to understand why solar sailing is so popular, by interviewing women who have already tested this boat since its launch last summer. The arguments that come up the most are conviviality. Indeed, the steering position at the back of the boat allows the skipper to steer the boat while conversing with the whole crew around the central cockpit table. This is a far cry from macho cigarette driving with the women and children sitting in the back while the man is at the helm.

Moreover, the absence of odour - thanks to the electric motor - as well as the stability of the catamaran, contribute to the feeling of well-being at sea. The seaZen is also a "picnic boat" to enjoy a good time with your family.

An ongoing commitment to women

In March 2017, SeaZen participated in Women's Day with an open house.

Open Day in 2017
Open Day in 2017

In March 2017, SeaZen participated in Women's Day with an open door operation. Since then, SeaZen has also hosted numerous tourist offices, often run by women.

Educ tour
Educ tour organised by the Tourist Offices of the Alpes Maritimes