Battery 24 V - 3500 Wh Torqeedo
  • Battery 24 V - 3500 Wh Torqeedo

Batterie 24 V - 3500 Wh

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If the comfort of a boat has not stopped growing over the last ten years, this necessarily leads to greater energy needs. It is therefore important to choose the battery that will be the most suitable for your boating program. Torqeedo 24-3500 lithium batteries are suitable for an electric retrofit your boat with 24V electric motor.

Why choose lithium batteries?

Until a few years ago, only lead batteries existed. However, the technology has now evolved and Torqeedo is able to offer you lithium batteries. The benefits of this innovation are manifold:

  • Much lighter than their traditional counterparts
  • Smaller size
  • Much higher capacity than lead batteries (one lithium battery requires five lead batteries)
  • A much longer life span

What are the technical characteristics?

  • Weighing only 25,3kgs, the Power 24-3500 batteries are 70% lighter than lead-acid AGM or gel batteries
  • Their size is also smaller since they measure only 57.7 cm x 21.8 cm x 25.3cm (L x h x l)
  • They are certified IP67 waterproof
  • Their charging time is fast, it takes an average of 1.2 hours
  • Maximized, their lifespan allows them to reach 800 cycles for 100% discharge at 25 degrees
  • Thanks to the integrated information system, you will be able to follow the battery status in real time by connecting it to the onboard computer.
Power 24-3500

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