Brochure printed with flash code
  • Brochure printed with flash code
  • Widget integrated into your website
  • Integration widget in your site
  • Flash code

Resale Kit

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Designed for tourism professionals, this kit provides simple and effective tools to make it easier to book a solar boat trip. All you have to do is order this kit free of charge online, so that we can recognize you as a partner.

You are a service to your customers and become an ambassador for solar boating!


The issues at stake

You are a hotelier, restaurateur, tourist office or driver. Your visitors trust you and regularly ask you for ideas or suggestions for activities at sea. You want to enhance your image and the quality of your services.

We provide you with booking tools tagged seaZen Pro. They allow your customers to book our services directly. If your customers use one of these tools to book, you will automatically be recognized as the business provider. This keeps you focused on your core business.

The kit includes a choice of:

1) The leaflet with a tagged flash code

We add a flash code on our brochure that contains your company's ID as a tag in the code. Then we send you this personalized brochure in PDF format so that you can print as many copies as you want. In concrete terms, as soon as one of your customers flashes the code to make a reservation, you are recognized as a business contributor.

2) The tagged URL

We generate a tagged URL. You send it by e-mail or email to your customer on the same principle.

3) The widget

If you have a website, the widget allows you to integrate the offer into your website. Always on the same principle, you are recognized as a business contributor.

4) The promo code

The promo code is by far the easiest solution. You communicate a personalized "Promotional Code" in your name to the customer.

A simple commission system

When the customer uses one of these tools, a minimum 5% commission (or half if you have a promotional code) will automatically be allocated to you and paid back at the end of the month by PayPal transfer.

To order your kit:

All you have to do is place this order online and send it to us:

  • PERSONAL INFORMATION: an email associated with a PayPal account for payment
  • ADDRESS: a company name allowing to issue an order for the provision of a service, with VAT

As soon as we receive your confirmation email, please send us your chosen choice, 1 of the 4 solutions proposed in the Kit. We prepare the personalized kit and send it to you by email.


This free solution is without obligation on either side. You use a easy and efficient solution, and stay focused on your core business. You provide a service that is appreciated by your customers.

Become a Solar Pleasure Ambassador!