Sailing: safety first! (2/2)

Do you want to sail on the French Riviera ? With seaZen, this dream is now possible. Thanks to solar technology, our boat, the sunsearider, allows you to step away without a boat license. But, to make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s important to learn some safety instructions before taking control of the boat.


Caution at sea

That's it, it's time to go, you're all excited, you're too excited, perhaps. We know well the desire for speed on the water. It is usually believe that nothing can happen, that we are alone. But that's a mistake. A bad wave taken a little too fast and hop, that's the drama. It is therefore recommended to start the excursion quietly, watching closely the surroundings and the depth of the sea. Respect also the zones of swimming and fishing in particular. Care and careful driving will not prevent you from enjoying the outing, quite the contrary. A cruise at sea, it also finding a nice little mooring in order to anchor and relax, right? Don't worry, seazen is naturally ... Zen and safety is our attitude, the seaZen Attitude.

Houston, we have a problem!

A glitch can always happen. Whether you're driving a large, powerful boat or a boat without a license, zero risk does not exist. In any case, you have to stay on board. Throwing yourself into the water to join the earth is one of the worst ideas you can have!

In case of damage, take your mobile phone and call us. If you are sailing above level 2, you can dial 196 as well. This will allow you to contact the CROSS (Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Center) which will locate you automatically and, if necessary, contact the nearest boats for a rescue.