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Boat Club

The Boat-Club allows you to sail all year round:

  • often and on your schedule,
  • without the inconvenience of ownership and without a subscription.

In concrete terms, sailing with friends or family on "your boat" will cost from 120€ / 2 Hrs. Like many boat owners, you have the luxury and freedom to go out just for a swim in the sea or a lunch.

Easy access from Nice, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Monaco

Comfortable and license-free rental

Sail at your own pace

You sail from Beaulieu at your own pace, according to your level of experience defined by the seaZen Academy:

Level Guide + Online test
2 Discover the anchorage David Niven
3 Gaining experience up to Paloma Beach
4 Sailing at night
5 Heading for La Mala

Better than boat ownership

Did you know that 80% of boat owners just go out for a few hours, for a brunch, a picnic, a swim or a party?  Our solution is made for the same uses as if you were a boat owner without the hassle. We propose a Zen and efficient solution for boating as often as you wish.

Less maintenance hassle

Practicing with a Click & Go access allows you to navigate solar boats all year round, without ownership hassle and license free. All you need is to check in and out. Before leaving the boat remember to leave it as clean as you found it.

Slots available to residents outside of peak season

Many rental companies are closed out of season. The Boat Club formula remains open almost all year round. Please note that during busy periods, we limit the opening of the boat club for safety reasons, especially in August.

Less expensive than ownership

For example 10 booking by 4 hours, can cost € 2 400 a year. This is incomparable with high boat ownership costs (annual berthing, maintenance, insurance, fuel and other costs). More concretely, here is a simulation between a purchase of a motor boat and the seaZen Boat Club membership:

Total per year
12 500 € 2 400 €
Yearly budget Motor boat* Boat-Club
Berth, Insurance 7 000 €
Maintenance (average condition) 5 000 €
Discount of the boat 10%/year NC
Fuel 10 outings 500 €
10 outings by 4 Hrs (€ 60 / h) 2 400 €

* hypothesis of the owner of a motorboat with a table and outside benches with comparable size, i.e. 10 m long, using his boat to anchor quickly and frequently with his family or friends in a beautiful anchorage without willing to sail too far

Our yearly rates are indicative, without commitment. We have a seaZen prepaid card at your disposal, which allows you to save on the management fees displayed at each reservation.

Reserved for ambassadors of solar powered yachting

To become a member, you need to practice an Accompanied Boat Tour then a 1+2 Hrs rental. Joining the seaZen club also means having access to the private seaZen group on Facebook, to share your eco navigation skipper experience.

Access remains permanent as long as you choose to maintain your warranty deductible deposit (reduced by 50% by our insurer compared to a first rental).

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