Sailing: safety first!

Go for a boat tour, it is a great activity to relax with family or friends. At seaZen, your safety is important. This is why we want to tell you a little more about the rules of navigation and the right actions to adopt. In this way, during your sea trip by our electric boats, you will be ready and serene.

Boat tour with friends

Before leaving

We know that you are eager to leave, but a boat trip, it's getting ready. Therefore, before embarking, it is necessary to check that the boat is not damaged and to ensure that the safety equipment (lifejackets, buoys, first aid kit, distress rockets, etc.) is availlable, suitable for the boat and easy to access. Do not forget to refuel (in the case of a gasoline boat) because it would be a pity to break down in the open sea.

Good, with solar boats, you have very little chance that it will come, the safety equipment is simple and you can even check-in on line your inventory.

You also need to check the weather. Even if the day looks splendid, with a great sun, no wind, and the sea is beautiful, everything can change in a very short time. Indeed, the sea can grew rough and the sky can change quickly. This is why we recommend you to regularly watch the weather, both from the sky and from the sea so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Finally, it is always a good idea to inform a relative who has remained ashore of your boat trip and of your approximate duration of the trip. It costs nothing and can save your life.

Do you want to know rules of navigation on board ? Read our blog soon to find the next part.