Good behaviors to adopt on a boat (1/2)

Ah, the Mediterranean Sea ... How good it is to live on this space of freedom in bluish colors. To preserve this unique and beautiful place, it is crucial to adopt the right gestures when you go out to sea.

Photographie du port de Nice.

Eco-responsible boating

Our license-free boat rental service is 100% eco-friendly thanks to its solar-powered technology. But it is not enough to use clean energy to self-proclaim itself an advocate of nature. Skippers and their passengers have a tremendous opportunity to play an eco-responsible role when sailing. The energy transition is now!

The Côte d'Azur is increasingly threatened

Particularly frequented on land and at sea, the Côte d'Azur is daily degraded, victim of its success, by an influx of people sometimes not sensitive to the fragility of the balance between man and the environment. In addition, some apparently harmless boating habits can have a devastating impact when multiplied throughout the year by many people. The seaZen attitude aims at allowing each of us to be actor with immediate impact.

The dip ocean is not an open-air dump

One can not imagine how long a simple paper handkerchief takes time to degrade itself in nature. On average, it takes two months. For a cigarette butt, wait 6 months. Drain oil leaves traces for five to ten years. The great champion of macro-waste that is found on all seas, even far from any human activity, is plastic. Bags and plastic bottles take several centuries to disappear. If you want to leave a trace of your passage on Earth, avoid it being a waste ... Plan a place to store your garbage out of the wind when you sail, sort it and throw it in the containers provided for this effect once arrived at the port.

Other eco-responsible actions that are simple to put in place exist. We'll talk about that in a future article.