Why solar yachting is the future in the Mediterranean

Sailing at eight on a self drive boat and 100% ecological is the promise of our brand: seaZen. Come and discover all the advantages of a comfortable sea trip on the largest solar-powered catamarans in France. We believe that solar yachting is the future in the Mediterranean because it combines many advantages.

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Ecology is becoming a major issue

There are many ecological advantages. Firstly, the legislation concerning navigation in the Mediterranean is being tightened, by banning fuels with too high a sulphur content and less refined. As mentioned in a previous article on this page, these fuels are harmful both to the human body by irritating the mucous membranes and to the environment, especially by causing acid rain.

Secondly, we live in a world where oil reserves are dwindling while the use of oil is increasing. It is therefore necessary to find alternative energy systems in order to live.

Calm and comfort

The electric yacht is renowned for the silence of its engine offering a very comfortable navigation.

Going out at sea without a permit is possible!

SeaZen vessels do not require a boating license. All you need to do is a short one-hour training course and a short online exam to learn the basics of sea navigation and its blue will then welcome you under the beautiful sun of the French Riviera.