Your solar boating academy

The Solar Academy aims at safety for licence-free navigation

Accessible to all

The seaZen Academy allows you to sail on the largest license-free boat in France with total energy autonomy. 100% clean, the batteries using solar power haven't been recharged since 2016. With this program, you can become a Boat Club members as soon as reaching level 1. You can immediately rent a boat on your own as simple as a click & go service.

The formal boat license is unnecessary

Passing the boat licence requires a lot of investment. SeaZen offers you an alternative solution with its licence free, self-service boat rental formula.

Are you aiming to own a licensed boat? With a first practical experience, you will pass the boating licence more serenely when time comes. In addition, this offer is also an opportunity to test your family at sea. It might be better to check whether or not they have the sea legs before buying your own solar boat.

Solar sail by day or by night

Solar sailing is a new approach Zen, elegant and environmentally friendly. Combine the simplicity of a motorboat cruise with the charms of sailing.

The SeaZen Academy allows you to practice, progress and test your level, easily and at your own pace:

A 1 Hr boat tour is enough to start with

Whether you are a beginner or a "boat licence" holder, a one-hour tour is a simple, no-commiting way to discover the subtleties of solar boating. You can share your initiation with your family (up to 6 people). It is up to you to continue the adventure with our solar boat by joining our Boat Club. Once the last seaZen test is successful, you will be able to sail alone up to 8 people at sea.

1 hour rent

I book a boat tour

A guided sea trip is the easiest way to learn to sail with your crew. With your friends or family you should not be alone to anchor to manoeuvre in a port. You need to learn the basic rules of safety together. After completing this introductory session in solar navigation with seaZen, you can join our academy to use the seaZen boat freely.

A practice program up to level 4

Progress at your own pace. We are at your disposal to evaluate together the level that best corresponds to your navigation program. If you have "lost your touch" since your last outing, you may want a light practice. The idea is to avoid having to repeat a full hour of training.

Level  Prerequisits  Assistance Objective
0 None Accompanied boat tour One hour introductory session with guide
1  Initiation + test passed less than a month ago Alone with possible assistance Daytime anchorage 15 minutes from the base
2 1 outing alone + test passed less than 3 months ago Alone with possible assistance Daytime anchorage 30 min from the base
3 9 outings alone + test passed less than a year ago Alone with possible assistance
(limitated in the evening)
Anchorage in the evening and return at night
4 10 outings + test passed less than a year ago Alone with possible assistance
(limited by distance)
Expert: The captain particularly manages the weather and knows how to train his crew

Your online boating supports

Available at any time on our website, seaZen designed several programs adapted to each level and to your navigation area. The difficulty is progressive so that you learn step by step the subtleties of pleasure boating with our solar boat license free.

Period of validity

Begin at level 1 experience after a first 1-hour practice and passing an online test. This level 1 experience remains valid during the first month after the first practice and is renewed 3 months later if you have continued to sail.

The click & go access remains valid as long as you maintain your level 1 sailing experience or have reached a higher level and as long as you maintain your warranty deposit.

Safety instructions for self drive boating

Basic safety instructions will be given to you during the practice session. They are also accessible at any time when you click on this page.

Team protection Remove shoes before boarding the boat. During navigation, do not stand or jump on the bow, do not hang or climb on the solar roof. Remain seated during navigation phase. Children are welcome under the parent's responsibility (+7 recommended).
Boat operational guidelines Follow the boat operational guidelines.
Speed maneuver For docking maneuvers, do not excess speed of 1 nautical knot. Your crew can tow off by pushing away obstacles with hand or foot.
Speed in harbor Observe the speed limit in the harbor (about 5 km/h)
GPS safety For safety reasons, do not approach the coast except in anchorage areas. Less than 100 m (330 feet), a GPS alert will trigger a systematic inspection of the catamaran's floats. Always stay in the navigation area as on the map.
Diver safety Watch out for diver's flags, bypass at least at 100 m (330 feet)
Fishing net safety Watch out for fishing nets and buoys, bypass at least at 100 m (330 feet).
Propeller safety Change your route, or stop propellers, in case of floating objects. The electric motor is quiet. In case of abnormal noise stop everything and check the propellers are clear. Bathers would not hear the unexpected start of propellers, at anchor, remove the kill switch.
Instruction for solar boating on an electric boat Navigate in autonomy with the sun. As long as the display unit shows the amperage is positive "0,1 A",  it means that you are autonomous.The battery charge is a power reserve that you should maintain at more than 95% loaded. Below that, an alert triggers a ground recharge of the batteries.
Safety at sea During unexpected waves and for your own comfort, sit on the benches in the boat and slow down before the wave. In case of plunging, let the water flow over the bridge and watch your belongings.
Mooring safety The boat draft is 50 cm from the propellers. Anchor only on sandy bottoms, not over algae or rocks. Unroll the chain until the chain rests horizontally on the sea bottom with the anchor.

The online test is free

SeaZen has developped a free online test in order to help you evaluate your boating experience. It will take you less than 10 minutes to start with the initiation test.

I test my boating experience