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Solar sailing combines the charm of sailing with the simplicity of a motor boat, with the added comfort. It is a completely new lifestyle. A noiseless, odourless pleasure, a discovery of landscapes forbidden to fast boats or keelboats, an art of enjoying a snack while sliding on the surface of the water. This navigation is naturally expected to develop very strongly. We consider this to be a major development in yachting, after the development of sailing and then motorboating.

What is a solar boat?

A solar boat is a boat powered by an electric motor and whose external energy supply comes only from the sun. There is nothing to prevent the boat from drawing on its batteries at night or when sailing at high speed. The principle of solar energy is to recover the load when stationary or when sailing at low speed. By definition, a solar boat is autonomous in photovoltaics.

The solar boat is distinguished by the redundancy of its battery and photovoltaic energy sources. Generally the motor voltage does not exceed 48V. In terms of safety, the risk of fuel failure, flammable fuels and high electrical tensions is eliminated.

How to choose your solar boat?

You don't sail on a solar boat like on a sailboat or a motorboat. You have to consider the solar boat as a change of use to have more comfort, a better price and less maintenance. It is while sailing that the choice becomes obvious. Our total commitment to solar yachting has naturally led us to develop a Solar Navigation Academy, a Boat Club, and an Offer for Professionals.

Are you thinking about buying a solar boat as a professional or as a private individual? We are here to help you configure a boat that is perfectly adapted to your sailing program. We have specialized in solar yachting since 2015. We have not only participated in the design of two generations of solar boats, but we have also accompanied more than 3000 passengers at sea.

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