Attend the arrival of the Tour de France à la Voile aboard a .... solar boat!

4th time Ville-étape, Nice, has just closed three weeks of intense emotions and crowned the Tour de France à la Voile on the Promenade des Anglais! Capital of the French Riviera and birthplace of Solar Sailing, Nice is today the capital of yachting. It is not a hazard if its nautical club, one of the most beautiful clubs in France, is passionate about this exceptional event.

3 crews of 3x6 members of Club Nautique de Nice were able to attend as close as possible to the arrival of the race from a solar boat. Thanks to its panoramic bridge, the Suncy 19 allowed to observe the race comfortably, in silence and under the protected awning, just in front of the port of Nice.

Here are the best images taken during this memorable day of 29 July, under a magnificent sea Force 4 Beaufort.

Tour de France à la voile with the Club Nautique de Nice

General Classification of the 40th Tour de France

The suspense has been maintained to the end, here is the official podium:

  1. Fondation FDJ Des Pieds et des Mains - Damien Seguin et Damien Iehl
  2. Trésors de Tahiti - Teva Plichart
  3. Beijaflore - Valentin Bellet

See you next year!

Images © Seamagine Eco Navigation