Nice Abyss Contest June 23-24

On June 23-24, the Nice Abyss Contest will take place. An international apnea competition organized by the International Center for Free Diving (CIPA), based in Nice.

Accustomed to fly over the meadows of Posidonia during our solar boat ride, we wanted to know more about this event that will take place a few fathoms of our favorite moorings in the bay of Villefranche.

Participate in Nice Abysse Contest from June 23-24...

Free diving is very old since originally it was used for fishing. Thanks to Luc Besson's film Le Grand Bleu, starring Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maïorca, the public discovered a spectacular discipline. These two pioneers have reached unparalleled depths by practicing yoga. In a way, they apply to free diving what we apply to navigation, a Zen approach and respectful of the environment.

Since the discipline has continued to evolve. CIPA organizes a competition to introduce the public with maximum security conditions. The number of participants is limited to 50, very framed and an underwater drone continuously follows the apneist. It is therefore a great opportunity to learn easily in the friendly and friendly atmosphere of this event that takes place in very few places in the world.

...and soak up a solar boat tour

Without going to the same depths, the seaZen glides over the cristal clear water of the Natura 2000 Reserve. This is a great opportunity to discover the wonders of our seabed. The solar catamaran offers unparalleled comfort and user-friendliness for this type of vessel.

Discovery of the Posidonia meadows

Discovery of the Posidonia meadows

SeaZen offers a first sea tour accompanied with a guide. Then, it is quite possible to rent the boat without a license to discover the coastline of Nice in Monaco according to your level of experience in solar navigation.