Focus on the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea

In 2018 a feasibility study had been conducted to place the Mediterranean in a Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). Where ships in the Baltic or North Sea are required to use only fuels containing a maximum of 0.1% sulphur, here the rate rises to 1.5% for passenger ships and 3.5% for container ships. Since 2015 seaZen is already acting to reduce polluting emissions in the Mediterranean with its solar boat rental platform.

Catamaran seaZen at beaulieu-sur-mer

100% eco-friendly boats

The fight against air and water pollution is one of the company's important vectors. Our offer of seaZen solar panel boats allows emission-free sailing. Indeed, with solar panels installed on its bimini the catamaran is totally autonomous and does not require additional fuel.

Simple and effective: enjoy comfort with your family

Among the many advantages this vessel offers, one stands out, navigation can be done without a permit. Just a little training and you will be able to pilot it. The moderate cruising pace allows you to enjoy the view of the coastline and to cruise at sea with family or friends in complete comfort.

With the beautiful days approaching, a sea ride seems ideal for a group outing. Our site has everything you need to know and you can book easily.