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Electro-solar navigation combines the charm of sailing with the simplicity of a motor boat and added comfort. This is a new lifestyle: a boating noiseless, odorless, a discovery of forbidden landscapes if you are on motorboats or keelboats, an art of enjoying a snack while gliding on the surface of the water, of taking time to enjoy the landscape. This new type of boating is destined to reach the popularity levels of sailing and motorboats.

What is the difference between a solar boat and an electric boat?

A solar boat is a boat powered by an electric motor and whose external energy supply comes only from the sun. Of course the boat can use its batteries at any time, for example at night or when sailing at high speed. The principle of solar energy is to recover the load when stationary or when sailing at low speed. In other words, a solar boat is an electric boat you use so that you never have to recharge it in port. To improve autonomy, the catamaran is the most suitable form of boat.

The solar boat offers the highest standards of safety at sea because it benefits from 2 redundant energy sources: battery and photovoltaic and because it uses a low 24/48V voltage. In other words, the risks of running out of fuel at sea and electrocution are eliminated. And of course, you have no flammable fuel on board!

How to choose a boat with sea trials?

You don't sail an electro-solar boat like a sailboat or a motorboat. You have to consider the solar boat as a change of use. It brings a more spacious, Zen-like onboard living experience and a lower cost of ownership due to fewer maintenance issues. It is while sailing that the choice becomes obvious.

Forget the clichés of combustion engine sailing. Think amongst yourselves about your real boating needs. The best way to buy a solar boat or an electric boat is to start with a test sail with your friends and family. You can easily book a Private Tour with a solar navigation expert. If you come for a trial, the first hour will be reimbursed towards the purchase of a boat. In addition, you will spend a pleasant moment with your family in one of the most beautiful sailing area of the French Riviera. SeaZen supports its boat building partners by offering you to share its experience during this test. The purchase of the boat is done directly with the manufacturer.

What is the price of a solar or electric catamaran?

One should not compare the price of a catamaran with that of a monohull. A monohull represents a living volume, whereas a catamaran offers a leisure area. Outing a few hours on a monohull is devalued because the volume of a large unoccupied central cabin restricts the usable deck area. Some 12 meter monohulls do not offer as much leisure space as a 6 meter catamaran.

One should not compare the purchase price of a solar boat with the purchase price of a fossil fuel boat. You have to compare the price of use per year. The annual maintenance of the engine, the purchase of fuel and the time spent by a person to refuel or clean the cabin, the taxes of francisation and navigation are all costs saved by the solar boat.

Since 80% of the day trips made by boat owners are in the vicinity and of short duration, the solar boat is the ideal dayboat and at the best quality / price ratio.

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