Become a player in the energy transition

Whether you are a tourism professional, an entrepreneur, or an administration, your needs are very different. You wish to invest in a growing market that makes sense for the environment and offering attractive rates with proven results.

This solution is designed for tourism professionals: Hotels, Restaurants, Contractors, Cities, Ports, Taxis, VTS, or rental companies.


Benefit from an expertise for your local solar navigation development strategy: Feasibility study, Financing File, Business Plan and Implementation.


Save many years to develop this new market. This business model is proven: 1 franchise -> 1 berth -> 1 or more jobs.

Seminar - Dealer

Become an actor of the energy transition by offering your visitors a Private Excursion on a solar boat.

Give new meaning to your professional commitment 

Who would have thought that solar navigation could offer a better price with more comfort?

The seaZen Pro offer is all this! The energy transition is underway. So you too can help make the world a better place. Demonstrate the relevance of a new lifestyle, based on proven solutions. SeaZen is a reference recognized by its customers and professionals.

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