Solar Catamaran Suncy Boat - Essential 3.0 serie
  • Solar Catamaran Suncy Boat - Essential 3.0 serie

Solar Catamaran Suncy Boat - Essential 3.0 serie

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With its marine design, the Suncy solar catamaran is particularly versatile. Depending on the motorization and the batteries you can use it on long distances to sail by all type of weather. Its front trampoline lets the waves run off to stay dry. The modular central saloon can be closed to protect against spray or left open in summer. Mini-keels protect the floats for "beaching" and improve course keeping.

Ideal for couples to enjoy anchoring, the folding table and its large cushions allow for double sleeping in the central saloon. The bathing stairs facilitate access to the sea.

Tips for choosing a solar catamaran.

Design and improvement of this new version

This 3rd generation of Suncy solar catamarans is based on the feedback from the SeaZen bases in Beaulieu and Juan les Pins and on the consideration of their requests.

Thus, the integration of new fittings or the new design of the bows were carried out following very precise design and prototyping work, the realization of the molds and tools was entrusted to a shipyard internationally recognized for its competence in this type of work.

The eco-design of the boat has allowed the selection of 70% of recyclable structural materials (aluminum and cork). The floats and a part of the laminated deck are planned for an eco contribution APER. The batteries and solar panels are recyclable through independent channels.

Here are the main improvements made by Suncy Boat:

  • Flat solar roof to facilitate the entry of passengers by the rear
  • Retractable table and thick cushions transformable into a double bench seat
  • Easy descent to the swim ladder
  • Engine in central position to approach the dock from the back
  • Cork deck in base version
  • Wave permeable trampoline
  • Installation of fender strips 


Hull length 6.22 m
Overall width 2.33 m
Draft 0.56 m with mini keels / 0.40 without
No-load mass 825 kg
Category  D, 8 pers and 560 kg
Solar power 1200 Wc
Electric motor 4 kW
Batteries 10 kWh LifePo4
Max speed 6.5 nœuds
Solar leisure boating speed 3 nœuds
Steering Cable
Shower 1
Callus pump 2


Installation of a refrigerator

Motorization up to 10 kW and batteries up to 10 kWh

Terms and conditions of sale and after sales service

The price of a solar boat is generally very competitive for 80% of the day boating uses.

The private individual can customize the boat in the factory according to his expectations. He benefits from a Suncy after-sales service on the boat and from the manufacturer's guarantees for the parts. For example, the solar panels, the engine and the battery are installed with the guarantee of the respective manufacturers and the installation of these parts is guaranteed by Suncy.

With the SeaZen Franchise  the professional benefits from a proven economic model to make his investment profitable very quickly, from an accompaniment to the creation of the company and from SeaZen's experience in solar boat maintenance. The boat can be purchased bareboat so that the franchisee can install the motor, the batteries and the MPPT directly with his local craftsman upon receipt of the boat.

The Suncy Concept service developed for hoteliers and cities, allows to rent the boat and to adapt the rent according to the progressive growth of the activity.

How to try solar navigation?

Buying a solar boat requires to project yourself in the new use of the solar boater. You need to cruise for at least one hour with your family and friends to fully enjoy this silent and odorless boating. In order to answer many requests for sea trials that unfortunately it is not possible to offer despite the will of the solar boating industry, seaZen proposes an original solution. Book a private tour. The trial is refundable.

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