Lerins-Boat Open-hulled

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This superb aluminium solar boat is reassuringly open-hulled, protecting its occupants with its imposing headroom.

It can comfortably accommodate 8 people divided between the front bench seat, well cleared for sunbathing, and two rear benches. The perfectly positioned sunroof shelters the skipper from the sun in the central position as well as the passengers seated. The bathing ladder is very well served by an open rear deck and facilitates access to the water. The electric motor is easily accessible and remains silent and of course never emits any odour when sailing.

This boat is designed and produced on the French Riviera.

Tips for buying a solar boat.

Design and production

The Chantier Naval de l'Estérel designed the Lerins boat with the aim of reconciling a strong commitment to the value of energy transition while respecting the classic design lines of sailing on the Côte d'Azur. The first model built in 2020 has naturally found its place in the bay of Cannes and between the Lérins Islands.

The eco-design is not left out since the hull is made of aluminium. This 100% recyclable material also brings an unprecedented robustness to this size of ship. The batteries and solar panels can be recycled through specialised channels, which can be taken into account in the calculation of the boat's life cycle.


Hull length 6.3 m
Overall width TBC
Draft < 0.5 m
No-load mass 1 200 kg
Navigation category D for 8 pers. and 560 kg
Solar power 1 200 Wc
Eletric engine 3 kW (license free regulation)
Batteries 10 kWh
Maximum speed  6.5 knots (range 2.5 hours without sun)
Solar boating speed 2.5 knots
Steering TBC


The boat is supplied with non-slip paint as standard, and a cork deck can be very pleasant to use.

If you have the possibility to recharge your batteries in port, autonomy is not a problem, you can choose equipment such as electric shower and refrigerator.

This boat is offered with an electric motor and a low-powered battery to make the most of a calm ride with the gentle lapping of the water. However, it is possible to increase the engine power and battery capacity for a different type of sailing.

Terms of sale and after-sales service

Particularly suitable for day trips, the price of a solar boat should be compared by considering the cost of use.

The private individual can personalise his boat in the factory according to his expectations. He benefits from a complete after-sales service from the Chantier Naval de l'Estérel, an almost century-old shipyard ideally located in the bay of Cannes on the island of Sainte Marguerite.

The professional also benefits, with the Franchise SeaZen, from a proven economic model to make his investment profitable very quickly with the support of a passionate team.

How to try solar navigation?

Buying a solar boat is first and foremost choosing a new use for boating. This is why SeaZen offers year-round solutions for sailing an electric and solar boat at sea. You really have to experience it to realise the pleasure and the level of safety brought by a quiet navigation without any smell.


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